Friday, May 10, 2013

Meaning of a Mom...

1. Loves you the moment she finds out about you
2. Dreams of your future when she feels you kick from inside
3. Knows what kind of child you will be by how active you are in her womb
4. Is the first one who gets to hold you close to her heart
5. Feeds and nurtures you from the very beginning
6. Takes care and snuggles with you when you get the sickies
7. Tucks you in at night, even if you are in high school
8. Is proud of every accomplishment, small and big
9. Shares her dessert with you, even though she was hiding it from all her kids
10. Scratches your arm while watching Thorn Birds
11. Gives the best advice, even if it doesn't sink in right away
12. Makes the best tacos and frozen pepsi's
13. Takes you on adventure you will never forget
14. Works hard and still manages to keep it all together
15. Helps with homework, even after a 12 hour work day
16. Makes you laugh when she says, Ni-Ten-Do
17. When you know what a wonderful daughter she is
18. Teaches you how to drive and tells you it's okay, we won't tell dad you almost took of the mirror
19. Calls you Boogie, because you are her very last baby
20. Teaches you that you love with your whole heart and do it, unconditionally

Happy Mother's Day Mom.  Love and miss you so much.

And Happy Mother's Day to all my bloggy mom friends.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with all things beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Sweet post! Happy Mother's Day to you friends!

amanda said...

happy belated mothers day friend...

hope all is well