Thursday, May 23, 2013

spring is here...almost

Feels like I am always playing catch up, but I guess that is the life of a parent.  We've been busy trying to bring on spring here.  Chicago is completely different from Annapolis.  By now in MD it would be hot and humid, flowers all in bloom.  Here things just started blooming, and it's only 55 today!  Crazy. 

We planted flowers, raspberry and blueberry bushes.  So far, the raspberry bush is doing wonderful but the blueberry is lacking.  Probably because the temps.

Will is signed up for camp and swim lessons, we are signed up at our pool.  Unfortunately, it's a little too cold to go.  Never thought I would say that.

We have trips coming up and a new addition coming to our family!  No, not a baby.  I have my hands full with two boys!  We are going to get a puppy!  I am so excited.  I keep telling Lew, that being here will finally feel like home, once we have a puppy.  He just laughed. We are going to get a Rottweiler again.  We just love the breed and it's all about how you raise them.  Our Ella was amazing, such a sweet girl who loved the boys and was such a great protector.  Plus, I get to name her.  I am thinking Hartley Grace.  

As for the trips, the boys and I are going to VA for my sister's birthday in June.  Then in July we are headed to Door County, Wisconsin.  Lew grew up going there in the summers, and it is something that we want the boys to experience.  So...we are going to be busy!

1.boys at daddy's favorite restaurant on my mom's birthday. 2.wondering if I look like my mom. 3.someone is not too fond of his bike helmet, safety first, buddy. 4.getting into mischief and getting so big. 5. a little luigi's mansion with daddy. 6.getting good at writing his abc's. 7. sunny day wagon ride 8. oreo cookie mistake? nope. 9. bike ride with the boys, hoping willsy is brave enough to lose the training wheels this summer. boy loves the slide! 2.evening walk with some bubble fun 3. slide racing, he won. 4.dare devil running  down the hill, yes he did end up face first, but got up smiling. 5.chasing big brother=one tired baby 6.hill rolling and of course getting all itchy. 7.boys play dress up too, just in cute puppy dog forms 8.who can make it to mommy the quickest? 9.after dinner binki walk, the only one to do it.

Happy weekend friends!


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

How cute is it that you're slide racing?!!

omg, the puppy. This is going to be so fun but busy, busy, busy! Enjoy!

Lindsay said...

aww loved seeing all of these pictures!! Your boys are adorable!! Sammy loves to do hill rolling too! :-)

amanda said...

uhm 55?? yesterday we only managed getting up to 42! hello warmth in the burbs!!

happy weekending friend!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Wow! I thought you guys were having a heat wave up there...guess not! I can't imagine it being so cool....but it would definitely we welcomed.

Glad things are settling even more and going to feel even more homey with a new pup!