Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine craft...

So... I need your help! Do we think this valentine hat is ok for a pre k craft? Since I am nominated to do something with will's class, I thought this would be cool. I will have the hat cut out and then they get to embellish it how they want. What do you think? Good/bad idea?


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

bit and pieces...

  • The babies and I are sick.  Boo!  Will has had this lingering cold for 3 weeks.  We have been to the doctor twice and so far no real infections.  Just a wicked bad cold.  To say I am over it, well that would be an understatement.  I hate when my boys are feeling cruddy and when mommy has it too, it's no fun around these parts.
  • Just found out that if I were to put Will into full day Kindergarten in September, there is a fee per month.  What?!  I have never heard that.  We also live in an area where the taxes are so high because it goes straight to the school.  Which is awesome!  But, why am I going to shell out more money for full day?  Back home it was full day and there were no extra fees.  It also depends on what district we are in.  We are thinking about moving a little further out, so we can stretch our dollar.  I guess once we cross that bridge we will decide.  Obviously, I want what is best for my little man, but having to pay extra for public school seems outrageous to me.
  • Since we have moved here, almost 3 months ago, Eli has grown 3 inches and gained 3lbs.  I think someone likes Chicago!  Will has stayed the same.  He remains my little bean pole.  But, the doctor says he is completely normal on the charts.  In fact, both of my boys are off the charts on height!  I think by the time they hit 5th grade they will be taller than me.
  • So...Job 1 never got back to me after my awesome phone interview.  I think it was partly because I was up in the air with them about, who is going to watch my babies.  It might be for the best as it was going to be 40 hours a week and I am just not sure, I could leave them with some stranger.  On another note, I have been playing email/phone tag with a Personal Training studio.  I am hoping to be able to meet him within the next week.  And totally random, I decided to send in all my wonderful baking creations, to this bakery that needed an intern.  Totally out there, I know.  But, I so love baking and the world of pastry.  Anyway, I have an interview with her on Saturday.  Who knows, maybe I could swing both.  I kind of always felt my real passion was for baking, but was never able to pursue it fully.  Wish me luck!
  • Living with the mil.  Well.  Let's just say, it totally has it's ups and downs.  She has a lot of issues in her life going on right now, with her youngest daughter and she is just not coping with it too well.  I try and cheer her up, or do little things for her.  But, frankly it doesn't seem to help.  And that is why, I need a job asap.  Need to move.
  • I have been a reading machine this month.  I am hoping to keep a running tally of all the books that I read this year.  So far I have read, Light on Snow.  Really good!  Harvesting the Heart, totally addicting.  And if you have read it, we totally need to discuss the ending.  I can't remember the other three I have read this month, and am feeling totally lazy right now to go upstairs and check.
  • Here is where I need your help.  I have been voted to do the Valentine's craft for Will's class.  I need help!  Pinterest has been somewhat helpful but I haven't found anything I love.  Do you have any ideas?  I was thinking of heart shape masks that they could decorate.  Put a heart on a stick and let them have at it with the decorating and then cut the eyes and mouth out.  Any ideas?

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Big 5!

My Sweet Little Man Willsy,
You are 5!  I started this little blog when you were just a couple months old, to pass time.  Now it has become my book of memories for you and your brother.
I want you to know how amazingly special you are.  Your smile lights up a room, and you still are the little comedian around here.  I think you take after Daddy. 
You still have some "baby" moments, but mostly you are a big boy now.  You love to snuggle a lot, and you love to give smoochies and hugs.  You are super sensitive, which we are working on.  You worry about others and really care if they are ok.  When I tell you my knee hurts, you will say, I will rub it and make it feel better mom.  Followed with a hug of course.
You are definitely starting to get into this big brother role.  The other day you got Eli a sippy cup of water all by yourself and then decided he needed some animal crackers with it.  You told me that this Daddy job was easy.  HA!  Again, you are a comedian!
You absolutely love the snow and sledding.  Kind of wish we would have had a little more since we moved to the windy city.  But, we have all the time in the world, right?  You don't care if it's cold, you just want to be out there playing in it. 
I know some days might be rough little man.  Like wishing you were back in "Merry"land.  In your house, with all your toys. At your old school.  This I promise to you, we will make it here.  It will take time.  Friends will come, a new house, a new room just for you.
My sweet first baby, I love you more than these precious words, and always more than air.


Happy 5th Birthday my love...only two days late this time.  What a great day it was!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

baby steps...

We did it.  After being a part of this mom's group for a month, we finally met a mom.  WOO HOO!  Not sure if I had an instant connection with her, but her son is a little younger than Eli.  If anything it will be good for Eli to have a new little friend.  I am going to take him to a little play area at the local rec center on Friday, and she said she was going to be there.

First step done.  I can't tell you how much anxiety I have had, just trying to meet people.  I would say I am pretty outgoing, but I have to get to know you first.  Who knows, this new mom might become a good friend.

Then today, I got a call from a gym that I applied to a couple of weeks ago.  I kind of thought my resume might have gotten lost in the shuffle, and was pleasantly surprised.  A gym might be a bit of a challenge working in, because of the boys.  But, being married is a partnership, and hoping we can figure out something, so I can get some me time.

Speaking of anxiety, I have finally realized with this move, that I might have a little case of it.  I tend to be ocd and have always been an anxious person, but can usually get it under control.  Lately, not so.  So..I think I am going to make a drs. appointment to just discuss my options.  I can't go on living with anxiety for the littlest things.  Baby steps, right?

Tomorrow is some one's big 5th birthday.  Holy moly!  He has a busy day planned with school, a little party there.  Then off to a choo choo restaurant for a late lunch.  Cake and presents, and lots of play time with some new toys.  I can't believe he will be 5 at 11:54 am tomorrow!  I feel like I should get a present for the labor that little guy put me through...I remember that like it was yesterday!

Time to get moving on the birthday boy's cake. I come!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two Months of Insta Moments...

Today is the day of new beginnings.  I am going to seriously get back into the groove of blogging.  I am missing all these moments that I need to be posting about my babies.  Of course they are in my awesome memory, but in 20 years, they might not be. heard it here.  I am back.

Jumbled up memories, that's okay because they have all happened since we have been in Chi-town.  Did I really just say that?  

1.a snowy day that didn't bring much of anything. 2.a warm December day at the park with my little dare devil. 3.a trip to the greatest outdoor store, or so daddy and will think. 4.its barely an inch but he will take it. 5.letting the boys run loose on the baseball field. 6.getting his risky business moves on. he loves those glasses too., utter cuteness in my book. racing jammies and a furry hat. love! 8.binki and the jungle gym 9.someone got a big boy haircut. still rocking the bieberlicious hair. 10.they want to go ice fishing now. i'll be at the spa that day. 11.more risky business in the kitchen. 12.big brother lovin'. 13.someone had an ear infection but big brother made it all better with stuffies. and green park fun with cheesy smiles. 15.can't get enough of this hat! 16.big boy sitting in an empty airplane seat on the way back from va. 

1.mommy and will, better known as snow ninjas! 2.up close and personal with the new big boy haircut. oldie but goody, missing my sister. very true, i think it might be my new motto. 5.giggly boy has gotten so tall!'s a bug, oh it's just my sweet willsy. little paleontologist. 8.amazing cereal, you have to get it, cinnamon chex. yum! 9.skull sweater from aunt mimi, love love it! 10.some one's 5th birthday is on wednesday and i am going to attempt this cake. too funny that it actually says william? 11.lightening mcqueen and the baby runner, as willsy calls him. he literally is a little spitfire with this toy. giggles are the bestest.

love you boys, now off to discovering the dinos. will's birthday week kick off starts now!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Looking at the calendar and seeing that it is now January 9, I think where is the time going?  We moved here October 29.  This year my first born will be going to kindergarten!  Crazy.  In my mind, I am rambling and going a million miles a minute.  But, then I look outside and things seem the same.  See.  Rambling.
I really, really, really am trying to get used to this move.  I am sure you are tired of hearing about it.  But, moves are challenging.  I was so excited for it to happen, but of course there will always be challenges.  I miss my clients, I miss training.  Being a full time mommy, all the time, is tough.  Those hours that I was able to get away during the week, really did help.
I have to say, I did join a moms group.  Haven't met any moms yet.  Will and I are going to a Mommy/kid yoga class on Saturday, so I will hopefully meet some there.  Who knows, maybe they might give me a job?!  Just trying to stay positive my friends.
And because I am kind of lazy at the moment, I did not collage these.  Not even going to enlarge them. :)

Had to capture a rare moment...Will eating a hamburger! He is becoming a bit more willing.  A little bit.

My sweet niece, Lilly Bear trying on her nerd glasses we got her for Christmas.

Will fell asleep after Lilly snuggled him up with all her stuffies.

 Mr. Eli so excited about his lightening mcqueen push car!  It was a hit.
 Lego Trex Dino extravaganza!  Happy Boy.
 Downtown pretty during Christmas.
 The inch of snow we got, was enough to break in the new sled.  He loved it!  Come on snow!
 Cookies for Santa...he loved them!
Santa came!
Stocking presents..
Not sure if I had mentioned but we were able to go back to VA the day after Christmas.  It was a great trip and the boys did amazing!  Missed Lew, but it was so great to see my other family too.  I will have to do a post about flying soon, it was an adventure for sure.