Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not much to post...but lots of pics from Chicago...

Some fall pictures have been mixed in with the Chicago pics, I just hadn't posted them yet. Will did great on the plane ride, I was one happy mommy! He mastered stairs while we were gone and had a tumble at the same time. No worries he came away with a scratch. But scared me to death!
We went to Navy Pier, got to spend time with Nana, Aunt Franki, Uncle Nick and Uncle Rob. We got to see many sights and had a wonderful time. Chicago is really a wonderful city. I think I could definitely live in the city and walk to restaurants for brunch on the weekeneds, take Will to the park. Chicago just has that great urban vibe. Maybe Uncle Rob will find us a place!
I hope all our bloggy readers and friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving! It's good to be home.

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amanda said...

oh my goodness!! he has gotten sooo big :) not to mention even cuter!!

so glad to see you back in bloggyville!