Friday, November 27, 2009

A quiet Thanksgiving...

This year it was the 3 of us for Thanksgiving and Miss Ella our Rotty. The rest of the family was off at in laws or just a state away, so we did not feel like traveling.
We watched the parade, well I watched the parade. Will got interested in it when he saw the Yo Gabba Gabba float. What is it with those characters that hypnotize my child?

I cooked the whole Thanksgiving feast, which was a bit challenging. Now I know why families and friends all go to one house. So others can help you cook. It was at times stressful but I did it. Will banged pots and pans while I made our dinner. I did not really time it right and we ended up eating at 1:30 but when I grew up we always ate around that time. Then later in the evening we would have a turkey sandwich.

Here is the real kicker, listen up Will because I want you to look back on this when you are older. Will decided he was going to only eat the cranberry sauce and that was it, he was done as he likes to say. No yummy turkey and delicious stuffy. No whipped to perfection mashed potatoes, no yummy veggies. He just was not feeling it. I was surprised he did not eat the veggies because that is normally what he will eat first. Sometimes I feel like I have a mini vegetarian on my hands. He doesn't even like chicken fingers! What kid doesn't? So what did Will have for Thanksgiving dinner? Cereal and a slice of chocolate mousse pie. One day I know he will eat me out of house and home but I wish he would have at least tried the turkey.

Will with a little cranberry sauce on his face...and yes he is still in his pj's. It was a pj kind of day for us all.

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Anonymous said...

hehe love that he liked the cranberry sauce!! Sammy is like a mini vegetarian also.. But he eats a ton since they don't stay with him real long! I would have loved to stayed in my pjs all day too!