Sunday, July 18, 2010

rocking you . . .

the other night i came in from a long evening of training clients.

daddy said that you were waiting up for me in your room.

when i came up to your room you were crying. stupid me. i hit the panic button on the car, which scares the living day lights out of you. sorry bubsy.

in between your tears and sobs, you said, "scare me, mama."

i am sorry, very sorry baby.

you wanted me to stay in your room, so i obliged. i was starving and wanted dinner but, i stayed.

because you asked me to rock. "pease mama, rock in chair?"

i started rocking and you climbed onto my lap and snuggled oh so close.

i loved it.

you are so extremely tall but you still managed to rest your head on my heart and stick your but out, which always gets me.

you win me over every time.

we rocked and your eyes got heavy. i can't remember the last time i rocked you and you fell asleep. which is why i am writing this now.

i carried you to your bed and tucked you in. snug as a bug, we say.

you drifted off to sleep so easily that night. on your belly. knees tucked under you and alfred, your lovey tucked under your arm.

i think that night you and i had very sweet dreams.

i never thought i could love someone so much. not to sound cheesy but you really are my sunshine baby boy.

i love you always more than air.


Anonymous said...

aww so sweet!!! Sammy was never one for rocking or cuddling! Glad you have the memory written down forever!

Shell said...

How sweet!

Marketing Gurl said...

Jenny this is so cute! I love rocking little Luke too...we are done nursing at the end of the month and I was afraid but lately he is enjoying cuddle time! Thanks for the comment...also I started another blog under my real name with pics stop by if you want...happy rocking!! Love, MG

Krista said...

So sweet! I love that even though they are growing up so fast they still manage to remind us that they will always be our babies :)

Clare said...

so sweet and cute!! i can just picture it;)

Sippy Cup Mom said...

That was one of the sweetest things I have ever read.

MommaKiss said...

super sweet. There are nights that I work late, like after bedtime, and I grab each kid and just rock with them while they sleep. They nay not know - but I do :p

amanda said...

these are the best kind of nights...

KLZ said...

I love you always more than air.

A book in the making right there.

My heart melts every time my little guy crawls into my lap. I am a puddle.