Saturday, July 24, 2010

For You Mom . . .

When I laid there beside you, could you feel me there?
My arms were wrapped around you, and I was stroking your hair.

I was talking about all the good times, for me they were every single day.
I wanted you to feel love and comfort, and happy in some way.

I watched your every breath, and prayed that each one wasn't your last.
The time we got to share together, went by too quick...too fast.

I wanted you to wake up, please your eyes.
Tell me this is a nightmare, and not our goodbyes.

As your last breath grew closer, we lay there peacefully together.
My heart continually breaking, because I wanted you forever.

Then there it was, your final breath of air.
I didn't want to believe it, this is so cruel and not fair.

I held your beautiful face, and prayed you'd breathe again.
I wasn't ready for you to go, I couldn't admit that this was the end.

But then I realized that you were now in peace, and not suffering anymore.
You were beginning the life of an Angel, and your body would no longer be sore.

I held you close and squeezed you tight, and tried to say goodbye.
I've lost my Mom and my best friend, and all I could do was cry.

I slowly got up, I wanted so much to stay.
I leaned over and gave you one more kiss, it was so hard to walk away.

Mom you are my entire world, and I miss you so very much.
I wish I could feel your lovable cuddle, and your soft and gentle touch.

But for now I have to wait, until we meet again. You will always be in my heart and thoughts, my dear Mom and best friend.

Always and Forever, our hearts will always touch.
Always and Forever, your baby girl loves you so much.


Lindsay said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem. Sounds like your mother was blessed to have such a wonderful bond with you. My heart and prayers are with you!

Hannah said...

That was a beautiful poem! Not many people are as blessed as you to have such a wonderful bond with their mother! You are in my prayers!

shelley said...

what a beautiful post! i'm sure your mom was a wonderful mother to you, you have alll of the memories and just knowing that someone loved you that much is a feeling you will never ever forget!

KLZ said...

Hugs Jenny. This is so hard and you are so brave and honest.

Krystyn said...

What a beautiful poem. You have such a way with words and the emotion really carries through.

Sherri said...

Such a beautiful and heartfelt poem. I am teary reading it, imagining how you must have felt writing it.

Your mom was a very lucky lady to have you, I can tell. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem! (((HUGS))) I am sure your Mom loves it too!!

Josh said...

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amanda said...

beautiful friend...thoughts are with you!

Natalie said...

Jenny, your poem is beautiful...and hit really close to home with me. Thank you for sharing it. Hugs to you, my friend!