Monday, November 1, 2010


I know. Creative title. You can tell by the first picture how exhausted this kid was.

He had no nap and but had tons of energy in the beginning walking around the neighborhood. But after 15 houses and lots of stairs, this Bubsy was pooped. He even stopped on a couple neighbors steps after he got his candy and said, "Willsey tired, he need a rest." Then he would lay down on their stairs. Too funny!

Thanks Willsey for making this a great Halloween. Can't wait to see what you want to be next year my little comedian!


Anonymous said...

ooo to cute! Looks like he had a blast!

Brandi said...

HAHA! He's exhausted, but I think I detect a little sugar rush too!!

Clare said...

bradley definitely got tired after a little while too:) super excited in the beginning though, he was running from house to house!

Liz said...

He looks like he had too good of a time! :)