Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This Little Stinker . . .

No. Not this little stinker that we met at the farm. He definitely had a stink to him for sure!

But this one. My little stinker. Literally.
Yesterday we were out playing in the gorgeous fall weather when Bubsy came over to me and said, "I gotta poop."

I asked him if he wanted to go on the potty, his response, "Nope."

The little stinker then proceeded to squat next to me, grunt, and when asked what he was doing, "I pooping mommy." Lovely.

Then for some private time he headed over to his leaf pile and chilled for a bit in there. I am sure one day he will hate me talking about this but it is just too funny not to share.

When he seemed to be all done I said, "Can I change your diaper?"

Willsey's response, "Nope, all finished!"


Shell said...

Boys and their poop!

Liz said...

It is funny how even kids like to have their alone time to get their business done.

Anonymous said...

LOL too funny!

Chelle said...

ROFL ohh my goodness. It's cute but gross at the same time.

Lindsay said...

Kids are so funny! Ryan goes right before bedtime which I hate and love. I hate because he uses it to get out of bed but I love it because I don't worry about him doing it at night : )