Friday, May 6, 2011

Beach Picture Over load ! ! !

Hope you enjoyed some of the beach pictures. We had such an amazing time! There are still more to post but this is a start. I think we took over 600 pictures! We are hoping to make it back to the beach this summer but more like NC.

In other news, baby #2 is doing great and sounding beautiful! Hearing the heart beat is music to my ears and to Will's it sounds like a choo choo train, go figure. The big reveal ultrasound is on June 6th at 8am and I cannot wait! Either way, I am just happy to have a healthy baby!

Happy weekend friends!


Clare said...

wow, what an awesome trip!!! his blue eyes are so gorgeous in all of your pics, and i can't wait for our pool to open. you are making me excited!

Lindsay said...

oo my goodness I am totally looking forward to the warm weather!! wow June 6th! That is not far off!!

Brandi said...

Love the pics! What beach did y'all go to?

Sooooo exciting about baby #2! LOL - If it's a boy, maybe Will would like you to name him Thomas. ;)

Shell said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time!

amanda said...

oh how i would love to be on a beach right now!!

looks like a wonderful time friend! and so happy to hear the belly is doing well!