Friday, May 13, 2011

hmm...where did that post go?

Yesterday I wrote a very lengthy post which is partly my fault for trying to play catch up on our life! But somehow it never posted. I could have sworn that I saw it up on my page and then today...nada. Maybe I hit delete by accident, bummer.

I was actually posting about Will and his potty training which could not have gone smoother. I wanted to say thank you for all the amazing advice that I have received over the last couple of months which helped. But I wanted to also tell all the mommy's out there that are entering this world of potty training, do not compare your child to others. They are completely different and every child is ready at a different time. We made several attempts even when I was fully armed and ready with knowledge but Will was not ready. All it took for him was being in the warm sun and running around our beach condo naked. One day he just ran to the potty. Once we got back from Florida we started the training again and at the end of day one, he had it. He has been wearing big boy underoo's since then. We have had one accident but we are now at week 3, so I take that as a blessing. He got it.

I know they say you should start early, which we did. He has always used the potty before bath time and sometimes just randomly since he turned two. There is a method for everyone and I truly believe that you have to wait tell they are ready or you will drive yourself crazy cleaning up poop and pee all over your house. I read so many stories and blogs saying day 1 is hell, day 2 might be the same but by day 3 they start getting it. They also said there would be accidents. Well, I am here to say, day 1 was not hell, in fact Will pooped on the potty at the end of the day and it was a celebration!

I know you may want to get that child out of diapers but let them show you sign of readiness instead of the other way around. I was ready for Will to be out of diapers by age 2 but he clearly was not ready. Don't stress, and never let other moms conversations and comparisons of potty training get you down. Stick to what is best for your little one and potty training will be a breeze!

My sweet Will, I am so proud of you and cannot believe how fast you have grown! You love picking out which Thomas underoos you will wear each day. Today you even pronounced your #2 looking like a log. LOL! Daddy said, "That's my boy!" Boys will be boys I say. I love you Will, more than air.

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Callie said...

That is fantastic! Congrats on such a huge milestone!

I was freaking out because I lost a post yesterday, too, but it looks like it came back. Guess I better figure out how to back stuff up. :)