Thursday, May 12, 2011

Potty Training with a little of this and that . .

I have been sick lately and thought I got better when we went on vacation but that did not happen. The antibiotics were not strong enough. So my sinus infection has lingered on for a while now with allergies in full bloom. I just love being pregnant at this time of year...ugh! Kidding. Totally happy. Just wish that I felt better. I am on a stronger antibiotic, so I hope this helps.

Will is going to be graduating from his 2's class in preschool this month. Not gonna lie, I will probably cry. All those hormones and my little baby, now big boy singing along with his class, will bring on the water works. He is already enrolled for next year and he definitely loves his school. He has made a lot of great friends and has learned and grown so much!

I am already on a mission to try and find some fun activities for him to do this summer. I have found a soccertot class that I know he will love along with a swim class for my adventurous little guy. I am looking for a music or art class for him but there is not a lot offered for 3 year olds. We might join a pool that is a neighborhood over, unfortunately our little neighborhood doesn't have one. It is really expensive, so I am pondering that one because I am not sure how much we will use it. We are also planning one more vacation before #2 comes which I think will be in NC. I have gone to the Outer Banks since I was a kid and I really want to continue a tradition like this for Will.

Now on to the potty training. I used to worry so much about this. I would compare Will to other kids, like hello, why is my kid not getting it yet and others are?! I think I started trying last summer, thinking Will would catch on but he wanted nothing to do with it. Then I started it up again in the fall hoping to get Will ahead of the game in his preschool class. No go. Right around his birthday in January, I thought I have to get this down before he turns 3! I don't want my 3 year old pooping in diapers anymore! So I reached out to all my bloggy friends and even wrote a few posts about it. I followed all the steps, even read books and watched dvds. I thought for sure, he would get it. Day 1 in sucked and he didn't get it. He pooped everywhere except the potty, he hid when he peed. It was awful! Mind you I have put him on the potty since last summer almost everyday to get him used to it. Some days he would pee on it and others no. But he would always do it before bath time. I was discouraged because I thought for sure he was ready this time. I decided not to stress myself out, or compare Will or my training tactics to anyone. It wasn't fair to him or my sanity.

When we went to Florida in April, I told myself that when we come back, I will re-focus this whole potty training thing and not put too much stress on Will. Well, all it took was the beach for Will to tell me he was ready. It seems when you are in warm weather and running around naked in your condo half the time, you will know when to go. I tell you, it was like it just clicked for him. He would run to the bathroom and just pee. I wouldn't ask him if he had to go or put pressure on him, I just wanted him to do it on his own. So that is the same approach that I took when we got home from vacation. First day, I did put him in a pull up, which he was fine with until he pooped in it. I told myself, its okay, he can do it. By 3:00 that afternoon he was in big boy underoo's and going on the potty like a champ! Pooping was definitely scary at first and he wanted to hide under the dining room table and sit on his potty and do his business, which I let him. But, he did it! I have to tell you, I cried the first time he pooped on the potty! Lew, just laughed at me. Since the first day, we have only had one accident and we are going on week 3!

So, for all you mommy's out there that are going through this process or thinking about this process. Don't do it until your CHILD is ready. You might be ready to get the kid out of diapers but they need to be physically and emotionally ready. Otherwise, there will be tons of accidents and you will get totally frustrated! Plus, it is so much more rewarding when they recognize that they want to start. You can do it. Don't compare yourself or your child to anyone because everyone is different.

To my sweet Will, you have become such a big boy and I love you always, more than air.


Clare said...

wow!!! that is such a great day when they are 100% potty trained, go will and go mommy too!!

Anonymous said...

yay Will!! Just in time for number two which was apparently the perfect time for Will! yay!!

Krystyn said...

WTG Will! So aweseome.