Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i am so sick of seeing pasta !

I know I have touched on this subject before, picky eating. It rules my house! Will used to be such a good eater but once he hit 2.5 he became picky. It looked funny, tasted yucky, and out right was refused.
Last night he told me his cheese, which he normally loves, looked wrinkly? What?! I mean seriously. I just lost it. This is the first night, that I have sent him to bed without food and I felt so guilty. I felt horrible. Daddy came home from work and was going to give him one more chance to eat his dinner, which was rice, cheese and apples. I know, how exciting does that sound? And of course he refused it. So, I took him upstairs and put him to bed. Luckily it was bedtime.
I just can't take it anymore. I am so tired of making separate meals, wondering what he will eat if we go out for dinner, or packing extra food because I am afraid he will refuse what ever is served to him. It is just so exhausting! I finally gave in and made an appointment with our new pediatrician to discuss these food issues. I know she will say so many kids are picky but I need to know what I have to do to change his habits. Lately, he has started gagging if he smells something funny, which is totally gross.
I think I can count on 20 things that Will eats consistently and one of them happens to be pasta. But it has to be Penne. Anything else and the texture gets to him. UGH!
I did get the Jessica Seinfeld book about hiding food into dishes but then I thought, that just seems pointless. I want him to like everything he eats and know what he is eating. Today, I am going to the library to check out some books on picky eaters and see if there is any helpful advice. Yes. I do read a lot of books to help me raise my child. I am clueless sometimes.
Any advice?


Christy said...

This book really helped me...

Lindsay said...

ohh food stuff can be so tough! I did that gag thing w/ texture stuff as a kid.. I eventually grew out of it in college ;-) I hope the pediatrician can give you some good advice!

Carly said...

Thanks for the visit. I hope that the eating goes better! That would be really frustrating!

Shell said...

Hopefully the doctor will have advice for you.

I've taken a laidback approach with mine. Here's dinner and if you don't want to eat, no biggie, but no separate meal, either. They tend to eat.

Shell said...

Um, I just realized that comment made it sound like it's easy- I know it's not. Just what has worked for us.

amanda said...

i don't have any wise words...hoping the doc can give you some tips! fingers crossed!

Emily said...

Aidan is very similar and refuses food a lot. It gets extremely frustrating. He is only 17 months, but it still gets old when I have to always make him separate food. Half the time he eats so little I'm worried that he will waste away! Don't give up. Let me know what your Pedi says... and no it's not strange that you read a lot of books to help raise your kiddo. I read a lot, too! It makes us better, more informed Mommas. Good luck! :)

Krystyn said...

We've always done the same thing as Shell...here's dinner, and if you are hungry, please eat it, if not, don't.

I can't be cooking separate meals for my kids and refuse to be a short order cook (just wait until #2 arrives).

Kids are picky...and they go through phases. Sometimes, Natalie hardly touches her dinner, and day three, she scarfs it. She's happy and healthy and I don't worry. Kids eat when they are hungry.

We also limit snacks before dinner so that they don't fill up on crap...not saying you do that, just putting in what we do.