Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh...The Things They Will Say !

Do you ever wonder where kids pick up the latest things they are saying? Will is like a sponge, this kid remembers everything! Forget cursing in the car, you have to do that on your own time or he will repeat it. Immediately.

But I thought I would share some of the funny things that Will says. Sometimes they are not the best thing for him to be saying but you cannot help but laugh.

  • "Will do you want to go and see Daddy at work today?" No...Daddy's work is boring. Where did he learn boring and he doesn't even know what boring means!

  • "Look's my baby brother!" Watching a pampers commercial.

  • "It's so hot out today, I need air momma." Okay, not hilarious but funny in the moment.

  • Will taking a shower and saying, "My wiener is getting bigger! It's broken. Fix it!" Now that's funny!

  • Talking to Nana on skype in Chicago, Will runs up to his room, gets his snow boots on, his bag and put trains in it. Comes down and looks at the camera, "Look Nana, I got my boots, my bag, so now I can ride on the train with you to "hicago"!"

  • Ella our dog pooped outside, "Ah, Ella. That's "didsgusting"!"

Kids say the funniest things when they are discovering something new. I just love it!


Anonymous said...

hehe I love it!!

Callie said...

These are hilarious! What a great idea to write them down. I love the one where he asks if that's his little brother on the Pampers commercial. I love learning how these kids think!

Sandra said...

Just thank your stars he's not talking to his Nana about his broken wiener! :)