Monday, August 1, 2011

What's Been Going On . . .

We have been super busy this summer with lots of fun things happening and tons of outdoor activities! Here are some things that we have been up too...

~Pool visits...almost daily. We definitely have gotten our moneys worth!

~Swim lessons at a local swim school. At first I thought Will might need more individual attention, so we signed him up for some private ones at the end of August but ....

~We officially have a little swimmer on our hands. He watched Peppa Pig swim and the next day at the pool he said he wanted to swim to me like Peppa. What did he do? He swam under water! He is getting better each day we go to the pool. I am thankful for this because knowing how to swim is key where we live. Plus, as a former swim team member, I am hoping he will want to join the swim team when he gets older.

~We have had many park visits but early because we are in the middle of a heat wave here in MD. These days, are usually followed by naps on the couch which I don't mind at all!

~We saw Cars 2 and we are looking forward to the new Thomas movie that comes out in the fall. It will probably be the last movie we see before we welcome our new little guy into our family.

~Will has become such a social butterfly, which I love because last year, he was so shy and quiet. Now he loves playing and interacting with kids, even if he doesn't know them. I have always been a shy person, so this makes me happy to think he might be a bit more outgoing than myself. Lew is very outgoing and will pretty much talk to anyone, maybe he gets it from Daddy.

~Lots of bbqs with cousin Lilly and even a couple pool visits with her too. He calls her his best friend. She is really patient with him too, which is good for a soon to be 4th grader.

~A couple lunch dates and even a dinner date with my main little bubsy have been really wonderful. I am relishing in all things Will lately. Just trying to soak him up, while its just the the two of us.

~He is totally potty trained, we have only had one accident at night which I think was to just being over tired. A long day at the pool, the heat and play with Daddy, may have been the culprit.

~Will loves to cuddle and often asks to snuggle at night, which I totally love!

~Did I mention that he loves babies! Every time we see one he has to check them out and then he tells the mom that we are going to have a baby too. That he is the big brother to his little brother. Makes. Me. Melt.

~At the last obgyn appointment I had, Will and Daddy couldn't come because it was during Will's swim class. When he came home, he rushed over to me and asked, "Did the dr. get our baby out?" I think he is getting excited! One thing I am afraid of is that he will get a little jealous at first, I just have to remember and be good about giving him as much if not a little more attention during the whole transition.

~Speaking of that, any big brother gift ideas? I wanted to get him something and tell him it was from his little brother. Will lately has been obsessed with stuffed dogs, so I was thinking of getting him a build a bear dog. I saw that they had little dog house boxes now too. Which I think he will get a kick out of.

~In 4 days we will be picking up Nana (lew's mom) at the airport from Chicago because we are headed to the beach! We are going to be going to the OBX, which I grew up going to, and I cannot wait to take Will. Lew's mom has never been and I think she is going to fall in love with it! We all need a vacation at this point, and Lew is at the top of the list. He works such long hours for us and September is going to be a busy month for him. So fishing and lots of fun time spent on the beach is in store for us!

~When we get back Will gets to meet his new pediatritian, hopefully get his flu shot and meet all his new class mates for a play date at his school.

I have a feeling August is going to fly by!


Anonymous said...

Yay for the catch up post! Yay for Will with the swimming and potty training!

Emily said...

Whew! Busy, busy summer!
1. I love the OBX, probably my favorite place in the whole world! I worked there one summer and it was magical. :)
2. Yay for Will being potty-trained. That'll make life A LOT easier once baby arrives.
3. I love that Will is so excited about the baby. I think a stuffed dog would be a great big brother gift for him.
4. We have Aidan in swim lessons, too and he loves them! You can never start too early.
Thanks for the update. :)

amanda said...

sounds like summer is ON in your neck of the woods!

KLZ said...

I love, love watching kids learn to swim. It's such an amazing transformation...

Callie said...

What a fun summer! And I hear you on this heatwave! We were at the park first thing this morning and could barely go on anything that wasn't in the shade. It's so depressing!

Have a GREAT time in OBX! I am totally sold after going there in May. :)

Adrienne said...

Potty trained? Coming out of his shell? Wow! Sounds like somebody is one the road to getting ready for those big borther shoes. :)

Carly said...

Sounds like a busy but fun summer. I can't believe that summer is almost over :-(