Friday, August 5, 2011

Yep. That's me. I'm that mom.

We are off on an adventure soon. Nana is coming to town and we cannot wait. We will be driving which always makes for a fun adventure and stories to tell. Will is generally a good car traveler but when we went to Florida in April, we were both getting over a two week cold, not fun at all.

Here is the story of that journey and heres' to hoping this next beach trip will be less eventful!

I should have known something was a bit a miss when my normal little guy still did not look well that morning. He even refused his donut. This was all before we even got 50 miles from our house. It was still early and I was hoping he would drift off into dream land for a couple hours, to make this car ride a bit easier.

We ended up going through the southwest part of VA which is full of mountains and different elevations. A definite different drive from our last couple Chicago drives. Will was in the process of potty training but we were not actively forcing him on the potty. I saw a restaurant along the way that I love, and me being my pregnant sick self wanted to stop. Lew agreed, after all we had been driving for a good four hours without stopping. What happened next should have been yet another clue for this momma, but I ignored it. Totally oblivious. Yep. That's me.

Will refused to get out of the car. Didn't want to go in at all. Didn't want to eat. Didn't want to go with me into the bathroom. He ended up having a little blow out in his diaper that had to be changed which we did but did I forget to tell you that he had this happening to him for a week straight? Yeah. Another reason this was a bad idea. Changed his butt, getting ready to be seated and Will pitched a royal fit. I mean, I literally had to carry him out with his little squirming body going everywhere. We got back in the car and Lew was like, what do you think is the matter with him? I just chalked it up to being sick for the last couple of weeks and a car ride should have been the last thing we were doing.

Literally, not 20 minutes back on the road, Will vomited. I was totally not prepared for this and what did I do, I put my hands under his mouth to catch it. Yeah. Me. The major germ-a-phob was the bowl for my son's throw up. Will was so upset and finally ended up falling asleep. Meanwhile, I was scrubbing my hands with hand sanitizer and wipes trying to get the nasty vomit off of me. Still makes me cringe thinking about it. My dear, sweet husband thought it was just mucus, since that is what it looked like and Will had thrown up during the week for the very same reason. Okay. I guess. Right?
For a blissful hour and half, my baby slept but was suddenly awoken with a "shart" as we call it in our house and was ticked to say the least. This kid's rear was so red. I felt horrible. No amount of butt paste was taking this pain away. After a quick change, I thought he would fall back asleep. Nope.

Vomit. It happened again and again. Let's just say it repeated about 3 more times. Once more in my hands, once on his beloved blue blankie and finally we got smart and had a bag available. The funny thing is, after he would vomit, he felt so much better and wanted to eat. Who seriously wants to eat after they vomit?

Then a light bulb went off, only 5 hours too late. Will was car sick. Yep. I am that mom who chalked it up to our two week bug. We were about 5 hours from Atlanta, our pit stop to see Lew's sister. And I did it. I am not proud of this by any means, but I could not have my baby who had been sick for two weeks straight be subjected to anything else. After all isn't liquid poop, runny noses, wretched coughs, fevers and vomiting at night enough before a vacation?

I moved Will out of his car seat and he and I had a movie fest on the ground of our rented mini-van that has huge, gaping windows, that my kid is not used to. Hence car sick. And he actually loved it and stayed on the ground, the whole time. When we got to Aunt Lisa's house we got dramamene for the second part of our car ride the next day. Blue blankie and clothes were washed and never thought about again!

This time around. I am hoping we will be okay. We are taking my Jeep. Which we are all used to. We are not sick. Knock on wood. Will is normally a great car trip kid, so betting on that. But. Just in case. I am spiking his morning drink with some dramamene.

Yes. I am that mom who doesn't feel like catching vomit in her hands.


Anonymous said...

ooh what an awful trip! I think the Dramamine will help for sure!!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, I feel for you! My girls consistently get carsick. Usually the dramamine gets spit up immediately. I think next time I'll drug them a full hour before my trip starts. :) Good luck!

amanda said...

i would have had no clue!! none!!

hoping for a less pukey car ride on your upcoming adventure!!

Natalie said...

You poor thing...and Will too :(

This would have been a perfect mommy moment to share at my place; if you are ever interested in writing one let me know!

Also, congrats! You won my Lawry's giveaway! Can you email me your full name and mailing address?