Tuesday, May 29, 2012

because a collage is cool!

  1. Crabby cupcakes I made for Will's 3's graduation.  They were a big hit!
  2. Eli is a little hungry and thought Will's head looked like a good snack.
  3. While I was doing dishes this little stinker thought he would look like godzilla if he put pb on his face.  
  4. Will and his teachers at graduation.  They said he is such a big helper and they will miss their social butterfly!
  5. Daddy and Will caught a shark!
  6. Eli looking a tad sleepy at Will's graduation.  
  7. My silly boys actually taking a picture together and laying still!  
  8. Will waving to us at his graduation.  He was a tiger in the Greatest Show on Earth!
  9. Eli and the bright sun.  Can I say, I just love his little mini boden swim cover up.  
That's all I got for today.  It's hot and humid here.  Eli has a bad cold.  And I am on the second book in the Shades of Grey series.  I am hooked.  Thanks to my sister.  Happy Tuesday friends.


Barbara said...

That last picture is adorable!

amanda said...

yay for collages!!

the pic in the middle, top row?


Anonymous said...

yay for collages!! Love all of these glimpses!

Missy | Literal Mom said...

Love collages! Those crab cupcakes look so awesome! Might have to try them!

Natalie said...

The boys look like they have so much fun together!