Monday, February 25, 2013

bits and pieces...

  • Will is two stickers away from getting a prize out of the treasure box at school. to say the least, he is over the moon excited.  It took him a while to understand why his friends were getting stuff.  Having to explain waiting and patience to a 5 year old is somewhat impossible.
  • Eli got his third hair cut.  His hair grows so fast, exactly like his name sake, my pape. We are keeping it somewhat long because, he just has the most beautiful hair!
  • Will got a big boy bike and decided he wanted to try it without training wheels, in the rain.  Umm...let's say we didn't get far.  I was running around holding the back of the seat and trying to keep him balanced.  Brings me back to when I first learned.  My brother taught me.  He was so proud, that he had me do a grand entrance onto our street past our house.  My mom, pape, sisters and of course my brother were watching me zoom, wobbly down the street with the look of determination.  From there on out, they all called me the wicked witch because of that look on my face, slightly hunched over my bike....I can totally hear that Wizard of Oz song in my head now.  It's quite amazing what things we choose to remember, I guess the smile on my family's faces said it all.
  • Eli knows three words.  Well one, since the the pediatrician said mom and dad don't count...what?  His third word, Einstein.  As in Baby Einstein.  I know!  Not Willsy, not milk, not drink, not bye bye.  Einstein.  My sister said, he just knows what he likes.  When he's an adult, I am sure he will get a kick out of it.
  • Less pressure=a Willsy that is actually wanting to learn.  We are finding creative ways to spark his interest in letters and numbers.  It definitely seems to be helping.  As far as the coloring and drawing goes....I have bought a ton of coloring books that he liked and he is actually sitting down for longer than 5 minutes.  I have to tell myself, boys are just different.
  • As soon as we get into the grocery store, Eli expects to have his bagel.  I might have created a bad habit, but he is so good throughout the grocery shop!  He usually will just kind of chew on it but, it's his special little treat. He actually whines if I don't head to the bakery first!  A boy who knows what he wants.
  • Will and I took a yoga class about a month ago.  He didn't really get into it, but it got me thinking how I needed some zen in my life.  So...I took up hot yoga, also known as Bikram.  Only two classes in, but there is something kind of amazingly addicting about it.  Yes.  It's hot.  About 110 degrees hot.  But, in the first 5 minutes your body acclimates to it.  I have never had this much stretching and lengthening in my fitness career.  They say you burn about 500-1000 calories, which I can totally believe.  It has tons of health benefits, supporting the immune system, clearing sinuses, helping with allergies and your metabolism.  You come out of there feeling like you just went through a cleanse, its amazing.  Kind of wish I had someone to go with me, but its nice to have my own time too.
  • Snow.  It's coming.  Looks like on and off for three days.  I love it, but I don't love driving in it.  They don't cancel school unless there is like a foot or more on the ground.  Kind of hoping there is a foot or more.

Good night friends...Namaste.  (the zen in me had to come out)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a good day...

There is something good in every day.  Sometimes we just don't see it.  We might be having a bad day.  Your mil driving you bonkers..that's ok.  Because there is something good in every day.  We just have to open our hearts to it.  When I am sad or unhappy, I just think about how lucky I am to spend every day with my babies.  Money might be tight, but at least I am raising my babies.  When the thought of me getting a full time job here was looming, I just couldn't even bring myself to look at daycares.  One, they are expensive and half of my pay would be going to someone else, raising my children.  Second, someone else would be raising my children.  I want to be able to give them what I had.  A mom that worked part time, but was also home with them, like my mom was.  So...that is what we are trying to do.
One day at a time.  Even the bad days have something good in them, we just have to look deep inside sometimes.  Mine are my precious babies.  They are the cherry on top!


Friday, February 15, 2013


Will did amazing at his screening today! The staff was wonderful and very attentive towards Will and felt, the impact of our move during the school year might be prompting some of his sensitivity.

As far as his fine motor skills, he is only slightly behind and they reassured me that most boys are. They gave me some awesome tips to help him and felt he was totally on track other wise. They also said he makes beautiful sentences and uses extremely large words for a 5 year old. Cue smiling mama here. For a special treat we took him to target for a special little treat.

It's a great day here. And now the pit in my stomach can go away!!

Happy day and weekend friends.

Date Night...Long overdue!

Lew and I unfortunately do not get out much for movies like we used to.  Before the boys, we were at the movies every week.  I guess you could totally call us "movie buffs".  We love pretty much any genre, but especially like the comedies.

So when I was able to work with My Blog Spark and General Mills, and get free movie tickets, I totally jumped at the chance.  A night out after the last couple of crazy months is definitely in order.

I lovingly/conned Lew into seeing Safe Haven, the new Nicholas Sparks flick on Valentine's day.  HA!  It was so packed and crazy with teenage girls, I was almost wondering what I got myself into.  Kicking our seats and tweeting to their bff's pictures of themselves seeing the movie.  Kind of hilarious and it made me wonder if we had all that social media when I was a teenager, would I have done the same thing?  Probably!

Anyway, the movie was amazing!  After all, who doesn't love a chick flick.  Plus, the compared it to having the same kind of passion as The Notebook.  I didn't think it quite lived up to that status, because in my book, Ryan Gosling is a lot cuter than Josh Duhmal.  The storyline was similar to the book and was believable. I will definitely watch this movie again with my sister.  She and I love all the mushy-ness and I know she probably won't go to the theater to see it. 

How did Lew do?  Well, he enjoyed it.  Surprisingly!  He even laughed at a couple of the parts.  So, it definitely was a win win for the both of us.  I got to see a movie I wanted and we both got a night out together, thanks to our emovie tickets, General Mills and My Blog Spark.

Was hoping to get some pictures of me and hubs, with our night at the movies, but my phone was dead.  Lew's blackberry doesn't take the best photos, so we will just have to remember the great time out!

Thanks to General Mills and My Blog Spark.

General Mills provided me with a free product, information and gift pack through MyBlogSpark.  No other compensation was given.

Monday, February 11, 2013

To Will...

I am feeling kind of deflated today. Two weeks ago your teacher said you were doing great. That all of our practicing of letters and numbers seemed to be helping.
When I picked you up today and noticed there wasn't a practiced writing sheet in your box, I knew something was up. It seems you are not grasping the fine motor skills. That you are not emotionally where the rest of your peers are. I have always known that you are super sensitive. Your feelings get hurt easily, because you care so deeply.
Your teacher had been spending extra time with you, but she said you get too upset when you have to leave your friends and practice. She doesn't want you to be upset with her. Now you are going to get evaluated by the school district. I have to say, I am so glad you don't know what's going on. Because, Willsy I am hurting a million times over for the both of us. You are so amazingly special, and so smart! You have an engineering mind, so imaginative, and your memory is outstanding. Right now I can't help but think your teacher has looked over how incredible you are. Because you are amazing.
I am just curious as to why your preschool in MD never said any of this. You were a social butterfly there, loved school and never wanted to leave. I'm not sure if the school was academically behind, I just don't know. I keep questioning myself. But, I have always had your best interests at heart. You are my everything.
Just know this. What ever happens, we will work through it together.

I am your biggest advocate, your fighter, your mama bear, and I love you mta.