Wednesday, May 28, 2008

4 Month Check Up..more shots..ouch..and TEETH!

There is so much to write about since last Friday when Will had his 4 month check up. He did really well. He is now 14lbs.13ounces and he is 26.25 inches long/tall. He is right on track and Dr. P actually gave the go ahead to start some baby food. We have been giving him rice cereal in his bottle to help him sleep at night..which is a no no since he needs to eat that with a spoon. So I we will try the cereal again without the bottle in a week or two.

Obviously when we took Will for his 4 month check up I had a list of questions and one was that Will had been drooling non stop for the last month and half. Well, Dr. P said that every baby at this stage starts to learn that they have saliva and it is just uncontrollable. Will's is definitely uncontrollable. See the evidence above. Can you believe that face?!! He is too cute. The cutest baby ever! Every mom says that's definitely true! Anyway Dr. P looked in his mouth and did not see any sign of teeth coming through but just informed us that between the ages of 4-6 months is when babies really start to drool and perhaps show a sign of incoming teeth around 6 months or so.

Well, come Saturday Will started to get a horrible rash on his soft little baby face and then come Sunday he had a stuff nose, he was sneezing, coughing and had a slight fever. I thought it could possibly be allergies, I was not wanting the first cold to be here either. With a little research online, it seemed like he could be really teething. We gave him a little tylenol and I felt in his mouth, nada, nothin'. The fussiness went on through the night and being awakened at 3:30 to the little man crying and not wanting to go back to sleep, I knew something was up. So I brought him into bed with us and with a little rubbing on his back he fell asleep. Morning comes and I am taking my shower, Lew comes in and says, "WE HAVE TEETH!" I was in shock! Here it is that the doc just looked in his mouth on Friday and I just had my hands in there the day before to feel for teeth and felt nothing. Our little Will has his two bottom teeth coming in at the same time! I am still shocked just writing about it! It seems so early. They say it is genetics on when babies will get their teeth. Well, Lew asked his mom and she said that he got his late. So I assumed that since my mom is not here to ask that I must have gotten mine early. I am going to call my grandma and find out. My sisters are in shock too. My baby getting teeth! Here are some pics. It is really hard to see but, you can see white little shadows on the bottom. We will put some more pics up when they really pop through.

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