Friday, May 30, 2008

Will loves his voice...oh and a little look back

Everyday it is something new with Will. Within the last two days he has started to talk so much, but it is not just talking it is more like shrilling yells of laughter. If you can get the picture. I will get video of this soon but it is the funniest thing to witness. Last night we put him down for his normal bedtime and two hours later he is still up talking, screaming, and shrilling about. Not wanting to go to bed. Soon the shrilling came into laughter and crying at the same time. Finally, we just could not take it anymore and gave in for a car ride around the block and a little "Seal", or as we like to call it, " I want you to think you are always amazing." We are now believe that Will likes this tune because he in fact thinks he is amazing, which we think too! LOL! He did eventually fall asleep after about 10 minutes or so. By this time we were exhausted. Once I get video of this I will post it up.
A year ago today we had just arrived in our long overdue honeymoon to the bahamas, courtesy of my sister Misti and brother in law Kev. We had just found out about our little peanut, what a big peanut he is now! Pic above is of the oh so lovely bahamas! Just a little reflection. That's all it is.
Have a great weekend!

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amanda said...

he is such a sweetie!! i too am familiar with the shrills, squeals and giggles!! soo fun!!

happy POW! hope you don't mind that i fixed the broken link from mcmommy's world to come and visit :)