Saturday, May 31, 2008


Remember a post or two ago when I was so excited that Will has received the gift of two teeth. Well, let me just say I was not prepared for what was to come after the teeth started to come through. Will has always been the best baby for the 4 months of his life, no colic, no real fussiness. But the wrath of Will has come out in full force. I thought the bottom two teeth were the easiest and the least painful . Not for Will! He had us up a lot last night, nothing seemed to pacify him either. Cold wash cloth, cold teething ring, cold binky, and lastly mommy's hand. Nothing. Then came the swing that we do love so much. Nope even the old faithful swing did not help last night! Can you believe it?? I needed an adult version of that swing last night! Finally he fell asleep with me rocking him in the rocking chair, his LEAST favorite place. Something has to give, come on. If these two bottom teeth are this bad, I can't wait for the molars to come in. Any mom out there have some advice and relief on teething? We will gladly accept it!


McMommy said...

Oh my....I just did a post about my own baby's teeth...we call him Jaws now. Who knew these tiny little baby teeth could cause such PROBLEMS?!!!!

I love the name of your blog, by the way!

Thank you so much for stopping by to play POW!

Rachael said...

I'm so sorry about the rough teething. This too shall pass (just keep reminding yourself that as you open another bottle of wine!).

Will is absolutely A-DORABLE! I'm in love with that huge grin and crazy hair!