Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ghetto Pool...

In my head I have this great post to right about a weekend that Will and I spent on the bay at my sister's in laws house. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera, which I should have. What kind of mom am I? But my sister had hers and snapped away some awesome pics of Will and his cousins. However, my brother in law is taking him time putting loading up those pics. With that said, I have got nothin'. Oh, well maybe one thing...the ghetto pool.

We went to the pool yesterday, I call it the ghetto pool b/c it is very small and they have so many rules/regulations and they have no pool chairs. Yes, I know that is weird and that is why it is the ghetto pool. Well we were all set to go into the baby pool when the life guard said, sorry the pool is closed. They need to clean it out. Great! First thing I think is some kid pooped in the pool! Just what I wanted to hear. But no. A mom comes up to me and tells me that her toddler was playing the pool and when she took off her diaper there were paint chips from the pool in there!! Can you believe that?? That is why it is called the ghetto pool and that is why we left immediately. I was a bit disappointed as it took me longer to get Will ready, with having to apply sunblock, getting him in his swim diaper, putting the ecological diaper over that and then his swimsuit and then his shirt and then his hat. Grabbing towels, getting the stroller out, and walking over to the pool.

So ghetto pool we will not be going back to you and all your paint chip glory.


Chelle said...

Oh, no! I am glad little Will didn't get in the pool. I hope you guys find a better pool for the rest of the summer.

amanda said...

oh no is right honey!! paint chips!! not cool :(

maybe a little backyard pool instead?

4funboys said...

there's room in my pool for cute kids like yours!

my kids would play for hours with the hose... does that work for plan B???

good luck stayin' cool

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh my goodness! Yikes! I am glad that you found out before you put Will in there.

Bye-bye ghetto pool!


p.s I am very familiar with the getting kids pool ready and then finding out it is closed. That is a LOT of work for nothin'!