Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Little Gorilla...

Lately we have noticed a different side of our sweet Will.

Ever since he has started eating what we call "people food" he has been channeling a certain animal.

Maybe he has a little in him.

Maybe he was one in his past life. Who knows.

Guess what our sweet Will has become...
Yep...a baby gorilla! This one is a bit on the hairy side but he does have a mow-hawk like Will was sporting for the first 5 months.

Now you are asking, well why does Will remind you of a gorilla? Whenever he sees his baby food or any food for that matter he starts making sounds like "Ooooooo!" "Ooooooo!" It is the most hilarious sound you will hear but I am telling you he sounds like a baby gorilla.

We have been trying to get it on video but when he sees it he stops making the noises.

Today I had an embarrassing episode at the grocery store with him making these sounds.

Me: Willsy we are going to go and get you some food...let's go down the baby food isle.

Will/baby gorilla: Just smiling away at me, thinking what is this woman saying.

Me: Okay, baby what should we get you today?

Will/baby gorilla: "Oooooo!""Ooooo!" (His eyes getting huge at this point and him reaching his arms out to try and grab the baby food. It's like he cannot get enough!)

Me: Oh, lordy. Okay Will what ever you want. You will get. He always does.

Random Shopper Lady: Is your baby okay? Why is he making those noises?

Me: (so embarrassed with one of those smiling through closed teeth smiles) Um, well he likes to eat and he just happens to see me putting his food in the cart.

Will/baby gorilla: "Oooooo!""Oooooo!"

Random Shopper Lady: Well that is interesting. I have never seen or heard a baby do that. My children never did that.

Me: He just loves his Sweet potatoes! (me being kinda sarcastic at this point, inside thinking...give me a break lady! he is too stinkin' cute making these noises even if it embarrasses the heck out of me, what kind of kids did you have? sorry if my child is advanced in his vocab!)

So there you have sweet Will, my little gorilla. I just love him and his uniqueness!


Chelle said... cute!
What is it with people that can't ever mind their own business?!
I hope you guys get it videotaped--I would love to hear it!

Shannon said...

Gorillas are cute!! Baby noises in general are just too adorable for words!

Patrice said...

haha too cute! How rude of random shopper lady to act like something's wrong with him! The boy loves his food, thats a good thing!

Lindsay said...

LOL there is totally nothing wrong with him.. Hes a boy.. he loves his food, he is expressing his love for his food :-) You totally have to get a video of your baby gorilla!

Anonymous said...

Haaaaahhh!! This is too cute! (and that gorilla photo you have up is hilarious...he...he)

amanda said...

love your little gorilla.

hate the stupid random shopping lady.

Beav's Wife said...

I hate it when people say stuff like that---seriously? What are they thinking? glad it didn't ruin the moment with your cutie! I love their funny little sounds.

Carol said...

Too cute!

Even despite the very needs to mind her own business lady.

Keep trying to get a video clip, I wanna see.

Erin said...

I think it is so cute. I can not stand the "my child never did that" people! All babies are different. I can't wait for the video.

Kristy said...

I can just picture that scene from the store!! There is nothing wrong with being a little (or a lot) excited about food. **smiles**

The White House said...

That is so cute. My little one loves food too now and she reminds me of a baby bird, popping open her mouth over and over again until I fill it. Love the gorilla!

Mamasphere said...

That is adorable! We called our daughter monkey for the longest time for the same reason, and I've heard LOTS of othe babies make that sound. That woman needs to be careful- too many off comments and someone is going to eventually take her down.

mom2natnkatncj said...

Cherish the joy of eating while it lasts. Once they hit about two they usually get very picky. Luckily that doesn't last long, at least in my experience.

Oh and I hate those nosy grocery store ladies. They really need to mind their own business ;).