Thursday, November 6, 2008

A letter to Will...

My Dear Will,

When I first started this blog I thought that I would share with family and friends how wonderfully special you are to me and your daddy. But then it became more. We have had the great pleasure of meeting other bloggy friends and have gotten some great advice.

I want to be able to post all of your accomplishments and milestones. So far we have had great success at that and much more.

This letter to you is to tell you how I am feeling at this moment. I think that I will do this monthly or whenever the urge comes to me. So today my sweet Will, Mommy is going to be totally real and honest.

When you were first born, I was in shock. I had thought I was ready but at that moment I did not feel ready. We spent the first couple days of your life in the hospital and I did not feel like you were mine yet. I definitely felt like I had been through something traumatic but it still did not sink in.

When we brought you home it was a very cold day in January, almost frigid, as I like to call it. Daddy brought you in, as I slowly walked to the house. You were asleep, so Daddy put you on the bed with me and you and I fell asleep together. It was such a great peaceful sleep that you and I shared together, thinking of that moment makes realize how quickly you have grown.

It took about a week or two for me to shake a little sadness that your grandma, my mom was not there to see her grand baby. She loved her children and grand babies so much! She loved snuggling and giving lots of kisses. But you should know something. You were conceived on her birthday! Will, that made me realize that you truly are a gift from God and from our Angel, my mom and your grandmother.

As the months have gone on, I was able to stay home with you and enjoy all the little things that I did not want to miss by going back to work. But this fall, I had to go back to work, so that we can enjoy the many pleasures of life. As hard as it may be to leave you everyday, I know that you are in good hands with L. She loves you and I like we were her own. This might seem a little weird but I think that it has made me a better mom to expose you to different people and for me to have adult time. That is very hard for me to admit, because there are times that I wake up wishing I did not have to go to work and that I could stay home and play with you.

You are now getting to the point at 9 months, where you are coming into your own. You have your own Willsey personality. You have a little temper when you want something. You have begun to sing and talk more. You are now standing on your own for about 10 seconds or so before you fall on your bottom. You walk with a push toy and if you are holding on to something you walk along it. Your personality is so adorable and I would not change it for the world. When you get picked up out of your crib, you kick your legs really fast. You love water, sticking your hands in it, drinking it, bathing in it, drinking from the shower, and even the rain. You definitely are an Aquarius.

Soon you will be one and not really a baby anymore but a toddler. Will, you will always be my baby. Even down the road when siblings come, you and I will always have that special bond. We love you so much and cannot imagine what our life was like without you.

I call you my Angel baby, because you truly are.


Lindsay said...

Jenny, that is such a sweet letter to Will. He is a gift from God and your mother!

amanda said...

such a beautiful heartfelt letter!

Clare said...

such a sweet post jenny, i love it!! thank you for sharing:)

Chelle said...

Oh, hon, your letter was beautiful!

I felt my eyes fill up with tears--but happy tears.

Will sure is lucky to have such a great momma!

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Shannon said...

Awww, that is sweet Jenny!! Will sounds SO much like Leah, I can tell they were born a day apart :-) Hard to believe birthdays are around the corner . . .

4funboys said...

what a great tribute to love, but for your son... and his grandmother!