Thursday, November 20, 2008

Totally Random Thursday...

Okay...enough is enough...i have tried to load these pics several times now and well, its not working. They are small, as you can see and i think it has something to do with daddy cropping them which then changes the size of them. so if you need to get your glasses to actually see them i understand. hey at least it is a is something. sorry. the energy is just not here today.

latest on Will...he definitely is getting a "tude" sometimes a good one and other times not so. but it is so hard not to laugh when he does it. we just get a kick out of this little guy. he now has a place where he likes to go #2. He looks out at the back deck and watches Ella and does his business. You can hear him grunting sometimes, it is so funny! I know Will, one day you will be reading this. But one day I won't remember it! You have started to scale the bathtub. Trying to climb in on your own. When you hear the water running, you get so excited and stand on your tippy toes. So...cute! You have started to wave. You look at Elmo when he moves as if he were part of the family. You love to cling on to mommy's pants, especially when I am cooking. I love that you have become clingy. I love that when you get tired you love to snuggle. You eat anything and everything!
started talking about Will, then started talking to Will. it's a blog we can do with it what we want right? see i told you it was a random Thursday!


Chelle said...

I can't believe how big he's getting!

And I love how excited he is about taking a bath...Isabella loves splish splash time!

Clare said...

oh i love all of will's cuteness, i love when they hold onto our legs!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Awww, Will!! Eliza has started waving too and I LOVE it. It slays me every time with the massive amounts of cuteness!

You must get overwhelmed by the adoration of the masses when you take Will out!

Eliza has started to give us high fives now... totally awesome :)

This is SUCH a fun age!


Shannon said...

I hear you on the bathtub - Leah tried to climb in every night, lol. Will is such a cutie - those are great (small!) pics :-)

Christy said...

Goodness! He is getting so big! Bath time is always a hit in our house too.