Friday, August 22, 2008

Blogger Withdraws!

Well I hate to do it, it is not by my choice but I will be w/o a computer for a while. We are moving tomorrow and who knows when Verizon will be out to set us up. So I will be forced to go to the library to use their computers. But...honestly I do not think that I will have time to even do that.

I start my new job this week...a little scared and anxious and Will is going to my friend L's, she is like his grandmother. I am going to be spending every extra moment of my day working, driving to get Will, unpacking and spending some time with my sweets, Will.

I will become a night time blogger. Lurking in the evening instead of whenever I want. This is very sad to me. I am already feeling the WITHDRAWS!

So if you do not see me for a while you will know that I am just spending some time with my Willsey...and I will hopefully be up and running again next week. I am hoping to get on a organized schedule, which I usually am, but now I have to add work into that.

I will miss you until I lurk onto your blog and read about your days. Missing you all already!

Jenny :)

Winter Must Have!

Let me just say... I love Ugg Boots! I lived in my pink ones when I was pregnant with Will. Then last November my sister and I found knitted Uggs. Well we both got them in black and beige. Then I just recently I got my Nordstrom catalog and what do I see? But these....

They are just so stinkin' cute! You can unbutton them to make them come to your ankle. How versatile Ugg is becoming. Since I do not want to leave my Willsey out of the Ugg fun, I think I should get him these....
They are shoes/slippers! He definitely would be stylin'! This is as fun as boy
stuff we gotta get them.

"Mommy, I want those Uggs! Ella wants me to have them too. Now we just have to convince Daddy that I need them. Maybe if I give him a two teeth smile he will get them for me."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yippee An Award...and one for you too!

So Chelle from Creative Momma, who happens to be one cool chick has awarded us with the Diamond award! See it on the side shining so bright? We just love to be frosted here at Happenings of a Little Bubba. Will loves his bling ya' know?!

Now we must pass on the award to others that we think are pretty deserving of this award...

4 Fun Boys Yes...peeps she has four boys and is a teacher...she rocks!

The goings on of the Grahams Susan. Just started reading her blog...but her little one is just so cute!

Diapers to Designs Clare. I found her blog through POW and I am hooked. She has a little boy. I have gotten hooked to the boy blogs lately. I guess that boy connection or something. She also is very active like me and she just got certified in Step.

The Whitcomb Family Lindsay. She pimped out our blog so...there is not much to say there. If you need a blog makeover or just an update she is the one to go to!

Baby Bridges Erin. My long time beaches friend. She is the one that got me started in this whole blogging world. Thanks Erin...I am truly addicted! Check out her sweet baby Irelynn, almost 2 months old. She is adorable!

McDonnell Place Katie. I found her blog through POW this past week. But I am already hooked. She is a magnificent photographer and her kiddos are just so cute. You have to check her out.

Everyone has a Story to Tell. This is ours. Candy. Another amazing photographer and she is a runner too! So we have something in common beyond the whole bloggy world! Just found her blog too. She has a gorgeous family and you should see some of these pics. Wonderful!

Well...I have nominated my seven whom I feel are totally and utterly deserving of this award. Happy Thursday all. Oooh..McMommy is doing her drawing for the boy t-shirt. I hope we won!

My Kinda Night!

Daddy worked late... Will was asleep... Now it's Mommy time...

Champagne (my fav!) 3 Musketeers (low cal) Magazine w/ Brit Brit: definitely a priceless night!
Well maybe a little of this...

And This...And This...

After all what is a night w/o a little blogging!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who knew a 6 MONTH OLD could be an ESCAPE ARTIST...

Well I know this is Wordless Wednesday but our Wednesday is not wordless by any means! It all started at 6am. Will was giving me my morning wake up call by talking and laughing to himself. I thought just maybe he would go back to sleep...nope that this a.m.

So I picked myself out of my bed, eyes half open to Will's room. I turn the corner and what do I see? My 6 month old baby, on his knees, holding on to his crib railing, smiling at me! HOLY MOLY! My heart jumped out of my chest and I ran to grab him. I was in total and utter shock! All the while he is just so happy to see me and giving me my morning smiles that I just love.

The pics below are when Lew and I put him back in the crib to see if he would do it again, sure enough, he did. What a little smarty pants!

It is amazing to me how babies reach milestones. He is going to be full on crawling any day now, he can't quite hold himself up in the seated position, he was rolling over at 3 months. I am just in amazement at how fast he is growing and how fast he is reaching these milestones. I guess I am in mommy denial or something!

Okay, enough of me going on and on... here is our little escape artist. Just so you know we lowered the crib before his nap.

Do you see what our sweet, innocent, cute, cuddly Willsey has started?

"Maybe if I don't look at them they won't notice I am trying to sneak out."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We are on the more ways than one!

So we have found a house to move into! Thank goodness b/c the owner of our condo has found a owner we hear and they will be moving in here in September. Our move could not have come at a more perfect time.

We found a cute townhouse a town away from where we are now which is not bad but we will be away from the water, which we love.

Our move will take place this weekend, of course when it is supposed to be super humid! Just our luck! I will update more on the move and some pics of the new house. Plus a feature that I am OVER the moon about. You will see in future posts to come.

Then 3 days after our move, I am going back to work. FULL TIME! I know, YUCK! But it will be a new and exciting adventure for me as it is a new Personal Training studio. Again, I will post more on this too.

But for now lets mourn the fact that I will not be a SAHM sad. Maybe in the future I can stay home.

Just look at my sweet is going to be hard. Lots of tears shed...on my part.

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Will Time....

Happy Mondee all, it's Will and do I have a story for all my peeps out there. Yesterday was just another day in the Fab life of me. It all started off with some play time with my bestest sis, Ella.

Ella is throwing my legs in the air and tickling me.

After playtime I took a little siesta and when I woke up, I threw on some new threads. Mommy, Daddy, and I then got into the whip (that's a car for you moms) and away we went. We drove all the way to B-more (Baltimore). Here is mommy and I at the Inner Harbor.

Check me out, YO. My mom is fly!!!

After a little strolling around...(haha, get it?) My tummy started to rumble. Mommy and Daddy were taking their sweet time talking about where we should get our grub on, so I spoke up and took charge. I'm pimpin'....

B.G., you takin notes???

All the girls and all the great wings, was all I could handle. I was down for the count.

zzz..being me is hard..zzz

When we got back to my crib, it was time to eat again and then play some more with ella. Before I had to hit the sack for the night I did a little reminiscing...

Thanks for stopping by...


This blog was written and produced by Daddy.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Check Us Out!

Thanks Lindsay for PIMPIN' my blog out... now I know the chicks will really dig me!

Friday, August 15, 2008

We just love Daddy...So MUCHES!!

We know that you have been stressed and tired lately with the whole move and work. But here are the reasons for the smile on your face that we just love so MUCHES...

Daddy's little bubba...He just loves when Daddy tickles and makes silly noises.

Our Wedding day...even though you smashed my face with cake. I knew life with you would bring me many great things. After all these years together I feel as if we have finally started on our path in life together with our sweet baby Will.

You mean the world to us...We love you more than air.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Little Gorilla...

Lately we have noticed a different side of our sweet Will.

Ever since he has started eating what we call "people food" he has been channeling a certain animal.

Maybe he has a little in him.

Maybe he was one in his past life. Who knows.

Guess what our sweet Will has become...
Yep...a baby gorilla! This one is a bit on the hairy side but he does have a mow-hawk like Will was sporting for the first 5 months.

Now you are asking, well why does Will remind you of a gorilla? Whenever he sees his baby food or any food for that matter he starts making sounds like "Ooooooo!" "Ooooooo!" It is the most hilarious sound you will hear but I am telling you he sounds like a baby gorilla.

We have been trying to get it on video but when he sees it he stops making the noises.

Today I had an embarrassing episode at the grocery store with him making these sounds.

Me: Willsy we are going to go and get you some food...let's go down the baby food isle.

Will/baby gorilla: Just smiling away at me, thinking what is this woman saying.

Me: Okay, baby what should we get you today?

Will/baby gorilla: "Oooooo!""Ooooo!" (His eyes getting huge at this point and him reaching his arms out to try and grab the baby food. It's like he cannot get enough!)

Me: Oh, lordy. Okay Will what ever you want. You will get. He always does.

Random Shopper Lady: Is your baby okay? Why is he making those noises?

Me: (so embarrassed with one of those smiling through closed teeth smiles) Um, well he likes to eat and he just happens to see me putting his food in the cart.

Will/baby gorilla: "Oooooo!""Oooooo!"

Random Shopper Lady: Well that is interesting. I have never seen or heard a baby do that. My children never did that.

Me: He just loves his Sweet potatoes! (me being kinda sarcastic at this point, inside thinking...give me a break lady! he is too stinkin' cute making these noises even if it embarrasses the heck out of me, what kind of kids did you have? sorry if my child is advanced in his vocab!)

So there you have sweet Will, my little gorilla. I just love him and his uniqueness!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Okay Kate...enough!

Let me just say I am a BIG, HUGE fan of Jon and Kate plus 8. I just love their kiddos and Jon is pretty funny and seems like a wonderful dad.

However when I was watching the other night, I realized that Kate has just gotten on my last nerve. Her constant yelling at Jon, belittling him, and she just seems kind of fake.

I thought she was so down to earth when this show first started but I feel as if fame and maybe $ has gotten to her.

Last winter she was like we would never be able to take a vacation with all of these kids, it is just too expensive. Well in the last year they have gone to FL. Then to Utah. Then to NC for 2 weeks. I go to NC often and I know those rentals in the summer are not CHEAP. I am sure that someone is paying for them, since they have speaking events and such but c'mon already.

Then I have noticed that she is starting to dress somewhat cute, not a huge fan of her style but she has not been in sweats in a couple of months. She has been dressed up and looking trendy. The kids are all decked out in the Gap.

I am not a hater by any means. But Kate...I think I have had enough. I will only watch the show to see the kiddos.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Park by the water...

Hi Bloggy Friends,
Over the weekend my parents took me to my first park. Lucky me it was by the water and it was just a perfect day. I love spending time with mommy and daddy in the warm sunshine!
"Watch out here I go!"

"Now this is the life...someone pushing ME and looking out at the cool boats!"

"Hey! Daddy would you stop taking the pictures?! I haven't made it to the Olympics yet."

"Me and my Daddy getting our feet wet, I hate to tell you but the sound of the water freaked me out! Don't tell any of the bloggy girl babies about it though! I have an image to up hold."

Monday, August 11, 2008

Minty Fresh...Down There???!!!

Okay my bloggy friends. This will be the only time you will see me get up front as this. But I have to let you know about this product before you go and do the same thing I did.

Yes, it might be a pretty bottle with a pretty little water lilly. Well, it definitely is decieving! My husband is probably laughing reading this because he does not believe me when I tell him what this body wash does.

It says on the bottle, water lilly and fresh mint SCENT.

Well, I am doing my normal washing routine, here, there, you get the drift. Then I went to my well, private area (as frank as I will get). HOLY CRAP! It definitely feels minty down there!!! Cold as H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS!

I quickly rinse it off and reach for Will's Aveeno baby wash to try and rinse this stuff off! I am telling you my friends, this stuff should have a warning on it! In the ingredients it does not say mint! So what is the maker of Dove trying to tell us here?

I am a lover of their products and when I smelled this body wash at the grocery store I was thinking of how nice and fresh I was going to smell! Not how it was going to effect my AREA!

So a heads up to all my bloggy friends out there. When you go to the grocery store do not give this body wash a second look. It might smell wonderful but do not say I did not warn you. Go ahead give it a try. I know you all are curious now!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Letter...

A letter to Maryland drivers...

Dear MD drivers,

This past Friday I was driving down the road I hate the most in this town b/c no one knows how to use the turn signals. I have always been a good driver, always following the rules, sometimes I would speed, well not so much now with my first born child. But over all I have been a good driver. Well to all the drivers on let's just say EAST street, why don't you know how to drive? Do you not know that I have a 6 month old in the back seat??

First I have someone in a work van almost crash into the front of my car making a left hand turn, and not wanting to wait for traffic to clear and take that chance to make the turn.

Then I have someone cut right in front of me, they do not even look to see that I am coming and I have to slam on my brakes! What were you thinking driver? As I drove by this person they did not even see me giving what I like to call "Mommy Glare". Hello, do you not see that I have a child?? I mean you can see his car seat through the window! He just kept on driving.

Then on the very same day we were heading to Daddy's work to pay him a visit when some lady was driving 20 mph in a 40mph zone. All you can see through her window is her pointing out landmarks and chatting away. Again, lady I think they can see w/o you pointing it out to them and going 20mph. In our town, you must keep with the speed limit lady or else you will hear it or get honked at. But I am not a honker MD drivers, I am just not. I guess I am too considerate. I talk under my breath and give "Mommy glares".

So please watch out for Mom's in mini vans or any mom that you see has a child in the back seat. You do not need to go fast and you do not need to make that turn RIGHT NOW. I am sure the place will be there when you get there. I can't help but say I have become a defensive driver ever since I have had my little one and I do not want anything to happen to him.

Thank you MD drivers for hearing me out. Have a great day and I will see you out on the road. If you see the "Mommy Glare", it might not be coming from me...just thought you should know that.

Jenny-first time mom and very cautious driver.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

McDonald's McMommy Moment...

I have gone and done fact I did it today...I had a McMommy moment. My dear bloggy friends, I gave into temptation. Standing in a room with chairs in a circle, other peeps staring at me..."My name is Jenny and I had McDonald's french fries and a sprite today, I am a fryspritaholic." other peeps voices, "Hi Jenny, nice to meet you."

I did not have a toddler or a 4 year old in the back seat saying they wanted a happy meal, I gave into temptation all by myself! That is the worst kind b/c there is no real explanation for it.

Will was not in the back saying he wanted some delicious, salty french fries. In fact he will not have them for as long as I can hold it off. Doubt that will happen but I will try.

We are in the middle of chaos in our house, looking for a place to live and well, I just got plain tired of having to make lunches and having my same lunch that I have everyday. I am just being lazy today. Can't I have just one of those days?!

I do not stray much. It keeps me in check with my eating habits. I know it sounds like I have OCD. Same thing, day in day out, turkey sandwich, with spicy mustard to give it a kick (like it really makes a difference!), spinach, white American cheese on whole wheat with sun chips. Yes, I know it sounds very plain but it works. That is how I was able to lose the baby weight along with exercise.

Well, that all went out the window today! Forget it my bloggy friends, I just had to give in to it. It was worth every single salty, yummy for my tummy french fry.

I feel much better now that I have confessed my guilt of McDonald's. Thanks for listening. Now I ask you all out there, have you had one of these moments?

Pics & Project Runway...

A couple of weekends ago, Will and I took my sister up on a weekend adventure at her mother in laws house on the bay. We were able to go swimming, sight see, try some awesome home made ice cream, and look at the gorgeous views from the house. What a great time we had, it was a perfect weekend, filled with lots of sunshine and family!

Before I get to the pics, did anyone catch Project Runway last night? One of my favorite shows! But what is with that guy that loves to tan? All his designs have had neon colors in them! When I first saw the promos for the show, I had such high hopes for him. I was rooting for him. But now, the tables have turned my neon, obsessive, tan friend. You are not the one I will be rooting for. Have you not heard of sunblock, c'mon!

Lilly and Justine, Will's cousins.

Me, the girls and Baby Will as they like to call him.

Will and I soaking up the sun together.

He just loves the water and putting his face in it. Future Michael Phelps? I think so!

Lilly, Mufasa, and Meghan.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Wordless Wednesday...

Sorry Bloggy Peeps but this is all I have to contribute to the bloggy world today. A wordless Wednesday. A cute, blue eyed, baby boy. Back to the house hunt...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ghetto Pool...

In my head I have this great post to right about a weekend that Will and I spent on the bay at my sister's in laws house. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera, which I should have. What kind of mom am I? But my sister had hers and snapped away some awesome pics of Will and his cousins. However, my brother in law is taking him time putting loading up those pics. With that said, I have got nothin'. Oh, well maybe one thing...the ghetto pool.

We went to the pool yesterday, I call it the ghetto pool b/c it is very small and they have so many rules/regulations and they have no pool chairs. Yes, I know that is weird and that is why it is the ghetto pool. Well we were all set to go into the baby pool when the life guard said, sorry the pool is closed. They need to clean it out. Great! First thing I think is some kid pooped in the pool! Just what I wanted to hear. But no. A mom comes up to me and tells me that her toddler was playing the pool and when she took off her diaper there were paint chips from the pool in there!! Can you believe that?? That is why it is called the ghetto pool and that is why we left immediately. I was a bit disappointed as it took me longer to get Will ready, with having to apply sunblock, getting him in his swim diaper, putting the ecological diaper over that and then his swimsuit and then his shirt and then his hat. Grabbing towels, getting the stroller out, and walking over to the pool.

So ghetto pool we will not be going back to you and all your paint chip glory.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Do You Ever Want one of Those Pretty Woman Moments??

As I was watching Pretty Woman on a hot Sunday afternoon, I realized man I could really use one of those Pretty Woman moments....not the whole hooker thing either. Minds out of the gutter everyone. But eating strawberries and champagne, watching I love Lucy...and all by myself.

Or my husband giving me his credit card that has no limit, and we are GAZILLIONARES and do not have to worry about money. I go shopping and people wait on ME hand and foot. I can get anything...even some Jimmy Choos!

I realized this all amongst Will still be sick, all rashy, cranky, and overly exhausted. I wish I could have one of those Pretty Woman moments. Not so sure I would go to the Blue Banana but the Beverly Wilshire sounds da** good right now! Sorry for the explicits, this is my first experience with a sick child and I think I have gone completely and utterly crazy from being sleep deprived. you ever wish for a Pretty Woman moment??

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Feverish Day...

We had our first Will sickness yesterday! What I thought was a reaction from his shots turned out to be a stomach bug. He had me up all night on Wednesday into Thursday. Then I took him temp. in the a.m. and he was almost 103! So I called the doctor and they said they could get us in later in the day. Yikes...freaked me out being a first time momma. Will would just sit on my lap, no playing, no jumping, and he was just plain tired. My poor baby. The Tylenol seemed to work but not for long.
When we went to the doctors they said they thought he had a little stomach bug. Yikes! So they recommended pedialyte, diluted apple juice, and pop cycles. So we chalked it up to a tummy ache.
Will and I went to the grocery store to get our suggested items and came home. For the rest of the day we just hung out around the house, Will had a cool bath and some fluids. When bedtime came around he did not want to go to sleep. So by 9:00, being as exhausted as I was I relented and we let our little bubba sleep with us. What do you know he fell right to sleep. He woke only one time, burning up, gave him some Tylenol and a little bottle and he was out. Then he did not wake until almost 9am. That is unheard of in our house! Today he is feeling better, only a slight fever and playful. Thank goodness my sweet Will in on the mend.