Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas, Christmas Party, Ear Infections, and a Haircut

I hope all of our bloggy friends had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was less eventful do to the fact that we were all a bunch of sickos. But we made the best of it. Opening presents, well me opening presents. Then off to my sister's house for brunch and a day of chilling out there. Sorry no pics there as we were all out of sorts.

I had mothers intuition and decided to take Will to the Peds. on Saturday since he was still coughing and sneezing and he ended up having an ear infection. He is such a strong little guy because he really had no fever and no tugging at the ears to let me know. Then when we went to the grocery store to drop off his prescription he had a huge yawn and I saw one 2 year molar coming in. I have such a strong boy on my hands!

Before all this and while he was sick, Daddy wanted him to get a haircut. I was seriously going to just let it grow out because Will hates to get his haircut. But I gave in and let's just say it was not pretty. Once he is feeling better I will have to take some scissors to a couple stray pieces that were missed.

Okay...enough rambling. Here are some pictures....

Will would rather watch Daddy's Dark Knight than continue to open up presents

Tag Junior, What I always wanted! Mommy where is my ball?

I just love this pic! Not sure what he was doing.

He LOVED LOVED his new plasma car! He opened most of his gifts sitting on it.

He jumped on the plasma car as soon as he came downstairs. Notice the nice sleepy look.

More of Daddy's work party where Will was dancing to Lady Gaga's Poker Face

Cheering on Lady Gaga

More Dancing...

I am pooped...Take me home. Chocolate Face and all.

Will's list from Santa...a Three Wheel Scooter, Plasma Car, Lego Duplo Dump Truck, A Thomas the train, Books, and Tag Junior. Now what to get him in 23 days for the Big 2?


Anonymous said...

looks like a great Christmas!

Brandi said...

Such a doll. Sorry he's been sick. An ear infection and cutting teeth is a lot for a little guy!

My boys have plasma cars and they LOVE them! I've actually had a go on them too and it's pretty fun! :)

Christy said...

We've been sick too. No fun. Today everyone seemed to be feeling better, so we went to storytime. I swear, every kid in that place was hacking up a lung. So, we are probably going to be sick AGAIN.