Monday, December 14, 2009

Player Hater...

Yes. I know. Bad title. But it got your attention right?

Today Will and I ventured to the mall to do some holiday shopping and to kill some time before I had to go and train.

Thanks to my sister Will has officially become addicted to the play area that they have there. Normally I am totally against those places. All germy and snotty. I just do not want a sick kid. Well, today as we were strolling by Will saw it and about jumped out of the stroller. Of course I gave in only because this play area seems to be pretty clean with Lysol sanitizer in ever corner.

Getting to the Player Hater. Will was running around, going down the big boy slide and playing VERY nicely with the other children. When all of sudden this MEAN had to be 3 or 4 year old boy came out and started bossing kids around! Will was trying to go into the tunnel (which he loves) then the Player Hater tells my Will, "NO! This is MY house, NOT YOURS!" Will of course not really understanding what the Player Hater is saying just decided he would go the other way.

Meanwhile his mother, who is completely oblivious in her 4 inch heels and blazer (who goes shopping in that?) is texting on her cell phone. Not even watching her other child who is probably 18 months old.

Then Will decides he is going to go down the little slide and that boy is there again. He is sitting there not letting any kids go down and he says, "NO! This is MY BRIDGE, NOT YOURS!" Me not wanting to start any kind of conflict with a 4 year old Player HATER tells Will to go back to the big boy slide. So he runs around a bit and then comes back to that slide where the boy is and the kid is screaming at him! Since his absent minded 4 inch heel, blazer wearing mother is useless, I go over there so my child can go down the damn slide! I kindly tell the little Player Hater, "Can you please go down and take turns?" "NOOOOOOOOOO!" At this point I can see other parents eyes on me thinking, where is this kid's mother? By this time I really felt like going in front of that lady and snapping my fingers in her face and say get with it! This area is not your FREAKIN' babysitter! Now mind your FREAKIN' kids! But I didn't.

Will and I decided that it is best that we leave, which he was not too happy about but, I had had enough. The lady did not even discipline her child for being rude to other kids and an adult. Then she was praising him and said let's go get a cookie. Is she serious?

I was so disgusted by that play area today and it was not because of the germs. Watch out 4 inch heel, tacky blazer wearin' mom. You too Player Hater!


Brandi said...

Eeeew, I hate the germy play things. The McDonald's play place clearly says "must wear socks" but, of course, no one wears socks. Drives me crazy. I just let my kids keep their shoes on. ;)

Chelle said...

I get so irritated and angry with mean little bullies!! And it's worse when their parents don't even bat an eyelash.

So sorry about the player hater! Poor Will :( I hate it when little kids are mean to Isabella. She's just so sweet and can't tell when a kid is being mean.


MMM said...

You should have told that mother off. I am proud that you actually went to the play area.

amanda said...

moms like that make me want to poke my eyes out....