Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do you get rid of the binky?

We still have yet to get the pictures and video from Lew's holiday party so I will have to post on that when we get them.

But today I want to talk about the binky. Or as Will likes to call it his "B".

My niece had hers until she was almost 3! I do not want to see Will walking around sucking on a binky at that age for sure! The bottle was easy to get rid of because he liked his sippy cup so much and ditched the bottle at 7 months. I thought then, I will have no problem getting rid of the binky. But now Will is attached to this thing. We have tried a couple things. Only having it at nap and bedtime. We will even hide the binkys but somehow Will will find them!

Enter bad Mommy. I read in a parenting magazine that you can go cold turkey or cut a little hole in the binkys so that he will not want to suck anymore. Well I decided that I would cut holes in the binkys. It started to work and then we went to Chicago and my poor Will's ears hurt so bad because he could not suck on the un-suckable binkys. I felt so bad! So when we got to Chicago I went out and bought him some binkys. Now we are starting over again.

We are down to two binkys and heaven forbid we lose them, I feel like we might have a crisis on our hands. I would rather go cold turkey but I feel horrible doing that to Will knowing it does give him comfort when he goes to bed. What do you think? Do you have any tricks you could share? Thanks!


Heather B. said...

my kids never took binky's but I have several friends whose kids did. So here is what they did. One went cold turkey, but her daughter was 3 when she did it and she had a better understanding. One actually cut the whole silicone part off so that when he went to put it in his mouth there was nothing. He was about 2. And the other one had a balloon send off. She went and got a balloon for each binky. She told her daughter that they were sending them to the balloon fairy and she was going to take good care of them until she was old enough to have kids of her own. She was also 3 and it was a great success! I don't know exactly how old will is but hopefully this gives you some good ideas!

Anonymous said...

We went cold turkey... it was a little hard the first night. He cried and asked for it for about 15 minutes. Then fell asleep. Then for about a week he asked at every nap/bedtime. We told him he was a big boy and doesnt need it. He never looked back. He however only got them in his bed since about 4 months old. So that made it a little easier.

Brandi said...

HA! I love your blog title too! Your Little Bubba is precious!

Well, my Bubba (our oldest) was a binky baby... He was 2 when we went to his first dental appointment. My husband and I had just begun 'binky discussions.' Hubby wanted it gone and I thought it was still fine (and gosh darn, it was so cute). Anyway, we walked into the dentist and he presented Bubba with a big jar of binkies and told him to drop his in because if he was big enough for the dentist, he was too big for binkies! I, of course, had no idea the dentist was going to do this. Oddly, Bubba dropped his binky in and NEVER asked or it again.

Just be glad you have a binky baby. Getting rid of the thumb is so much harder. Our middle child is FIVE and he still sucks his thumb at night (and, yes, his dentist is horrified).

Thankfully, Baby Bub is another binky baby (and I'm going to file that binky fairy story away 'cause I think that's a neat idea)!

Good luck!