Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Potty Training Anybody ? ?

We or shall I say I am getting ready to start potty training Will. Lew works so many hours that really this milestone will fall on me most of the time.

I need help. I need help from all my bloggy friends out there.

Will has gone on the potty 3 times so we have been a bit inconsistent.

But now it is time to get down to business.

What methods did you use? Did it just happen? How long did it take you? Did you use pull ups or underwear?

Any advice you can give will be SO HELPFUL!



Brandi said...

My, my he's just becoming such a big boy! :)

I'd say some sort of reward system works really good. You just have to figure out what rewards spark his interest and make it worth it to him to earn. With Lil' Bub I used a 'prize bucket'(you can get a bunch of crap cheap at the Dollar Store).

I used pullups at first. As soon as he had the peeing down, we switched to underwear during the day/pullups at night (and I made a big deal out of the underwear and I took him with me to pick them out).

On the pooping, he was freaked out about doing it in the potty. Most kids are, but if you can get them over the hurdle of doing it that first time, it's usually a piece of cake after that. We got to the point where he was potty trained and wearing underwear during the day, but when he had to poop he insisted on a pullup. I'd make him 'attempt' first on the potty and then give him a pullup so he could do his business. Finally, I bribed him with a trip to Toys R Us if he would just POOP in the POTTY!!!

I used one of those potty seats that sits on top of the toilet that makes the opening smaller so they don't fall in. I also just let him stand to pee. Some moms prefer the sit down to pee method, but he wanted to be 'like Dad.' So, yeah, I had to wipe off the toilet seat a lot, but the trade off was no more diapers so I was okay with it.

GOOD LUCK! It's a completely different world when you don't have to change diapers/pack diapers for outings anymore. It's SO nice! :)

Angie said...

For my first I just sat with him by the potty and read him books. Consistantly for days. Well, he wasn't on the potty consistantly - but I kept putting him back on every 45 min or so.

My second wanted to do it on his own pretty much - but we used a timer. When the timer buzzer went off he knew he had to sit down (at least for a min and try) if he went the timer went longer, if he didn't it went shorter.

It was a good way to remind him and me.

No rewards here - just naked butts and lots of attention.

I have an e-book if you are interested!

Shell said...

I had mine run around in just underwear while we were potty-training. I set a timer for every 30 minute and would take them then. They got an m&m for trying. If they went, I might wait 45 minutes for the next time.

The dvd "Potty Power" is awesome. We watched that a lot.

It took about 1.5 days for my oldest and about 3 days for my middle. But, they were both over 3 when we did this.

KLZ said...

I haven't done this yet. But I've seen The Mombshelter, Aging Mommy and Mommy's Pen posting about potty training recently. Maybe they can help?

liz said...

CLOTH underpants. Stay away from Pull-Ups unless it's naptime or overnight.

Also, bribes. Reward charts. A poop present bag of crap from the $1 section of Target.

Anonymous said...

I didn't follow this to a T but used it as guide and we were pooping in the potty on day 3 peeing on day 2. Didn't use pull ups because they are really absorbant and are more like a diaper that you can pull up and down. Sammy still isn't waking up dry at night so I know that will come with time. Okay links:
Read them both.. she has done it 3 times and has had great success with that method. Hope that helps. oohh I also moved our portable potty to the family room so he saw it more frequently.

amanda said...

i have no ideas - just here to borrow all your ideas :)

Lynn said...

It's all about rewards...big time rewards. My daughter is autistic and we got her potty-trained with a chocolate cookie. It has to be something they really really want that they don't get under any other circumstance.

Lindsay said...

What really helped us was using a smaller seat that fits on the big toilet and a stool for Ryan to get up to it. That way we skipped the practice potty all together. He watched what Daddy did and then he wanted to do the same thing so that helped a lot. And it was great because when we left the house and he had to use the potty he was familiar with it. And then letting him run around naked and telling him to go every 30 mins depending on what he had drank. That way he got into the habit of it. Hope this helps : )! Good luck!