Friday, June 25, 2010

tantrums . .meltdowns . .is this week over yet ?

I have been pretty non existent in the blogging world this week do to the fact that my totally amazing and wonderful toddler has turned into a tantrum throwing, head banging, throwing machine cranky pants.

I am seriously tired. I am getting wake up calls at 5:30am. I don't drink coffee. So I am screwed in that department. No one is making ME breakfast! No one is warming up milk for me to enjoy. Nope.

By the time 10am hits I feel like I have been up 24 hours straight! I can't take it.

Every little thing lately has been setting Will off. If he doesn't get his drink right away he screams it. Not in a mean way. But I guess he is thinking I am hard of hearing or something, I mean hold your horses kid, I am one mom!

Today he ran one of his Tonka trucks into the back of my ankle and that mother hurt! I put him up in his room because frankly timeout does not work. This kid gets up no matter what. When I went to get him after 2 minutes, he just looked at me and new he had done wrong. I told him to say sorry and he actually did it.

I don't know about you but he was a complete and utter prince up until a couple of weeks ago when these tantrums started bursting out of know where. I mean I really hope this does not last until he turns 3 in JANUARY! I can't take it.

Then when he was napping today, which is my only saving grace, I was looking at pictures of my mom. I realized that all the pictures I have are of her with my oldest sister's kids. I just got totally choked up and started balling, like serious crocodile tears people! I wish she were here to help guide me and give me "motherly" advice. I guess I am totally jealous that my sister's kids got to experience their grandma and have pictures to remember her by. All Will will have is pictures of his cousins with his grandma.

Kinda sucks.

Thank goodness Lew is off next week for a long over due vacation because I need some major backup.

I seriously hope that today is a better day filled with rainbows and unicorns...a girl can hope right?!


Anonymous said...

oo girl.. sorry your having tough time! The tantrums will get better.. it seems like they will never go away.. one day they will be easier. Not that they wont have any but they will be fewer. It seems to come in cycles for us. A bad few months then some amazing few months etc. Just remember stand your ground or they will never go away!

Angie said...

For us it has been Tantrum Three's - Two's were fine.

I hope they don't last too long for you - just remember, the less you give into them the less likely they are going to happen (or in theory anyway LOL)

Hope you get some ME time next week - you could use a couple hours to yourself (even just to sleep!)

Sippy Cup Mom said...

::hugs:: I am right in the middle of some terrible two's also. This past Tuesday was awful.

Funky Mama Bird said...

Ohhh, I am right there with you. This morning, I got his wooden truck thrown on my foot. When I took it away (you throw a toy, you lose a toy) he had a tantrum of mega proportions. Ugh.

Shell said...

My 2 year-old is just starting this. He'll actually throw himself down on the ground and cry if he doesn't get his way. At home, I just ignore it- but it's really hard when he tries that mess in the middle of a parking lot!

I hope today is better for you!

amanda said...

it's so hard when they are like this isn't it?

here is hoping that today and all this weekend he is back to his old self!!

Liz said...

This isn't funny at all, but your last line cracked me up. LOVE saying "filled with rainbows and unicorns!" :)

I'm really sorry, but just know, this too shall pass.

We are right there with ya with Maddie. And I remember Kate having a few long jaunts of getting up at 5 or 5:30 everyday.

Lynn said...

Visiting from Mom Loop...thanks for visiting and following me!

I just blogged about tantrums too

They suck!!

forty-something chick said...

Oh, I feel your sorry it's been a rough week for you. With both my kiddos, I really felt like 3 was harder than 2. People warned me about the "terrible twos", but those 3 year old have a mind of their own.

This too shall pass....hang in there! Love your stories.

Lindsay said...

Let me tell you that I am right there with you. Ryan is almost four and I am STILL dealing with this. Thankfully he is in school three days a week otherwise I would be in the mental hospital. Yesterday we went into Target and he got mad because I wouldn't get him anything. I had to just walk out because I was about to just break down in tears and thought it would be weird to do it in the middle of the store! I put him in time outs, his room, take toys away, and everything in between. It is so hard. Just knowing that I am not the only one going through this helps. And praying every morning when I get up that God gives me the patience and wisdom to get through the day!

The Mommyologist said...

I think that all little ones go through that at one point or another...mine did! Hang in there...

Brandi said...

No fun! Hopefully it's a short phase. The tantrums really test your limits. Lil' Bub was not too bad as a toddler, but at nearly 6 he is driving me batty on a daily basis. He is my payback child, though... guess I'm getting what's due me for the grief I caused my parents. Hopefully Baby Bub and Ladybub don't draw too much from my gene pool. ;)

Christy said...

Kids are hard. My kids go through phases where they act like little maniacs, and then they return to their only slightly annoying selves:)