Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daddy and Will . . .

Recently, Will and Daddy went to visit Thomas at the B & O Railroad in Baltimore. They had a great day spending some quality time together. It was a little nerve racking for me because Will was in his first week of big boy underoos, but he didn't have one accident!

They had a wonderful time and I think this will be an annual Will and Daddy trip, if Will is still into trains in the coming years. They have so much for them to do there besides seeing Thomas, so hoping he will like to go next year.

In other news, had a great 18 week check up, baby 2 sounds great! We go on Monday for the anatomy ultrasound and to find out the sex, I cannot WAIT! I am thinking girl only because I have been so tired, continue to have breakouts, smells still get to me and I didn't have any of that with Will. Lew wants another boy because he knows how to take care of one. Either way, I can't wait to see a healthy baby on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

What a super fun day! Yay can't wait to see ultrasound pictures!