Saturday, June 25, 2011

Did you use Pull Ups ?

In the midst of potty training Will and using night time diapers, I was contacted by deiworldwide who represents Safeway's mom to mom brand of diapers and kiddie ups. Although the night time pull up I was using was working, I was willing to try these out because I am an avid Safeway shopper and have seen this product many a times.

Things that I love about this product:

  • Extremely light weight compared to most pull ups.

  • Kid friendly design with, a pirate starfish and his gang. Will loved this!

  • Stars on the outside that change color to let you know if your little one had any accidents.

  • Clearly able to tell front and back on these kiddie ups which is important to Lew!

  • Easy open sides that actually close again!

  • While they are hypoallergenic and have vitamin E for sensitive little ones skin, Will's eczema did pop up.

Things that I did not love about this product:

  • As mentioned above, Will did have a breakout of eczema even after the first night of wearing them. Granted they are Kiddie ups that are most likely worn through out the day and taken off after a couple hours. Will wore his over night. Will also has extremely sensitive skin and certain materials do make his eczema pop out.

  • The first night Will wore them, I found them on the ground. When I asked him the next morning why he took them off, he said they hurt his boo boo. His eczema. So, even after a short time of wearing them, he took them off.

  • The fit is a bit awkward. Fully covers the front for accidents but when Will bent over he definitely had the plumbers crack going for him.

Overall they are great Kiddie Ups/pull ups. Light weight and just as good as the name brands that you probably buy. They are definitely worth trying out, because you will save yourself some money. As we all know, training pants are not cheap! If your child does have sensitive skin, it is still worth a try because you are not spending as much as you normally do. Will we continue to use these, probably not only because Will's eczema only gets worse when continually irritated. I will definitely try the mom to mom brand diapers out when #2 comes along, as I do love their other products. Which include lotions, wipes and bath products.

To get more information on mom to mom products at Safeway check out there site. You will love the natural products. Thank you to deiworldwide and Safeway for letting me try out the Kiddie Ups, I will still continue to use a lot of these products just not the training pants for Will.

I was given 2- $25 Safeway gift cards from deiworldwide for doing my review of mom to mom Kiddie ups as well as a package of Kiddie ups. Thanks to you both!

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Callie said...

Thanks for this informative post! The Safeway pull ups are so much cheaper and as we get ready to train Harper, I was wondering if we should try those. After reading your post, I think I might (although, Harper has sensitive skin, too).
Great post! I always like it when bloggers say both positives and negatives in a review!