Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hormonal . . .

I thought I would compile a list of little things that have been annoying me lately and things that have been making me want to cry. Because you know, who doesn't want to remember these things when you are pregnant....HA!

First of my girlfriend's has a scotty, I love dogs, I have one. She annoys me at times. But this scotty, annoys me. Everytime I come to her house the dog will bombard me for treats. It will scratch my leg until I give it one. Really? I mean it's so annoying! My friend will keep a dozen treats on her table just so her dog gets a treat everytime someone comes in. Seriously? UGH! Love my friend dearly but that dog is totally spoiled.

Where we live it is extremely expensive and for us to buy a house with a white pickett fence would cost us $600K or more. So we live in a small town house, that I do love. We are close to downtown with all its attractions, near the bay, the beach, you really can't ask for more. And good schools! But we have no space! I feel like Will's toys are taking over the house, they are literally everywhere. He insists on having his 3 bikes in the house because, yes he does ride all of them. This has to be vetoed soon! Our dining room table is too big for the now we need to find a circular one that takes up less room. I see an ikea trip in my future. Luckily we have a very spacious master bedroom but that is being taken over by baby stuff we have taken down from the attic. The boys are going to eventually share a room and Will's room is actually big enough to accomodate this but the issue of the toys comes up again. UGH! What can you do?

Lew works really long hours, we are talking 60 hours a week, sometimes more. So, Will and I left on our own quite a bit. He often comes to training sessions with me, which is fine and dandy. But there are days when he is just out of control and I need someone to watch him. Unfortunately, we live away from my family so that is not possible. Will and I often eat dinner alone. We sit on the couch to eat dinner and watch Nick Jr. I know horrible, but it's hard when your spouse works late and all you feel like doing is ploping down.

As good as Will is, he has his moments. He tests me. What kid doesn't? And I am at the point where his little outbursts, drive me CRAZY! I try and calm my nerves but sometimes they just get the best of me and I have to send him to his room so I can have a moment. Sometimes being the parent sucks! I want him to have fun but he needs to listen and that just doesn't happen sometimes.

This guy in my neighborhood who is kinda out there almost t-boned me yesterday when Will and I were leaving the neighborhood, totally freaked me out! My hands were shaking! I totally feel like this guy has it out to get me for some reason. Let's just say, my doors are always locked!

Will was at his private swim class session yesterday and he was doing amazing! I mean he definitely is a little fish. When your child is done with their class you are aloud to get in the water with them and practice their skills if no one is in the pool, which there usually isn't. I have never done only because we belong to a pool. But yesterday, this mom came to bring her daughter for her class which was right after Will's. I heard the manager at the door say you still have 15 minutes tell her class. The mom gets her daughter changed and then comes out and tells the dad that she is going to take her to the pool so she can practice BEFORE her class. I was fuming inside because I have paid for private lessons, which are EXPENSIVE and now this little girl is going to distract Will. The pool is not that big and the shallow end where Will was diving for rings is even smaller. The instructor kind of looks at the mom, like what are you doing in here but never says anything to her. She is at one side of the shallow end which is less than 10 feet from where Will is practicing. He still has 10 minutes of class at this point and I can see the instructor is totally losing his attention because he wants to play with the little girl. I am fine with Will wanting to play with friends, that is why we did group sessions before but when he wasn't learning anything because of it we switched to private. Anyway, I felt like saying something to the manager but I didn't because I was beyond annoyed and I didn't want the parents to hear me "telling" on them. When Lew got home from work yesterday I told him about it and he was ticked to say the least. The next session of swim classes are coming up and Lew said he was going to say something the next time he could take Will. Oh, well.

I plan on taking off 4 weeks after I have baby boy #2 so I have been getting my clients prepared and I started working on programs for them to do while I am unable to train. It's complete with instructions and pictures of each exercise. So I am hoping that they will use these because it has been a lot of work! I feel like I should just create an app of myself doing all the exercises so they will do them.

Bras. Yes. I am annoyed with Bras. Mine no longer fit and I had to go bra shopping which I hate to do when I am pregnant. I normally get all my "normal" bras from Victoria's Secret because they have such a wide selection. I went to the motherhood maternity store and tried on like 7 different bras and none of them felt "comfortable". I ended up getting one that felt the best and after I took it home and tried it on again, I hated it. The underwire hurts and the color is boring! But, I kept because it is bigger and it's a nursing bra so, I will use it. I ended up going to Target the other day and found one that I really like, that is a nursing bra and it is actually somewhat cute. But I tell you, wearing a bra pregnant just sucks! Hate it. Plain and simple. Where do you get your bras? Anyones that you have that are super comfortable?

Okay...enough of my ranting. Hormones suck! I can't cry over one more commercial!


Christy said...

You have to start donating some of the toys. We have an eat-in kitchen, so we use the dinning room as a playroom right now. Even with a whole room devoted to toys, we still have way too many toys. I go through the toys at least once a month and donate all the barely used things to the Goodwill. Bikes aren't aren't allowed in our house. Porgie and Izzy also have a toy box in their room, which I struggle to stay on top of.

Where do all these toys keep coming from? I swear the colorful plastic multiples at night when we turn out the lights.

Carly said...

I bet you feel better after getting all of that out!

Bras... Ugh. I ended up getting my nursing bras at JC Penny & they are not bad. I looked everywhere. I had one from Target, but it was not the best quality & not too comfortable. Motherhood Maternity did not have bras big enough in the cup, but small enough in the band for me.

I was so tired when I was pregnant, that I can't imagine chasing around a little one and feeling that tired!

Sorry about your frustration with the swimming. It is hard to understand how many adults can't follow the rules!

We have a small house too, so I'm sure the toys will soon take over.

Hope your day gets better!

blueviolet said...

Private lessons are expensive and I would have totally ticked too.

I'm so glad you weren't actually hit yesterday in the car!