Thursday, September 1, 2011

a long week . . .

This past week has been interesting to say the least! This is my first time getting on the internet since Saturday. Why you ask? Hurricane Irene decided she was not going to be very friendly to us! She knocked down trees all over our county and wires were litereally everywhere! We did not get on power on tell late Tuesday night!

We were in complete darkness for a total of 3 days, not my idea of fun but we dealt with it. By Monday night, I had a complete and utter meltdown. Will's dvd player lost its charge, my laptop was not wanting to play any of his dvds, he had not been falling asleep tell after 10pm and I just needed a moment. Finally, I grabbed his books and told him that we could read with our flashlight for a little bit, which thankfully he was willing to do for the gazillionth time. He fell asleep. I sat crying on my bed eating M&M's. Where was Lew? Working. Definitely glad he wasn't there to see this hormonal meltdown. Finally, I got control of my hormones and started reading my own book and finally fell fast asleep after all the tears. Not fun my friends, not fun at all! Did I mention that everything in our fridge had to be throw out? Good times.

So in the last week, we have made it through an earthquake, a hurricane and raging hormones! Yippee!!!

Right now, I am feeling good. Nesting has started, which I love because I am an organizing freak. Baby boy #2 is such a mover, constantly doing flips and flops. Has not developed the hiccups on a regular basis. I think he is going to be longer than his big brother. Feels like we might have a basketball player on our hands. I can't believe in 2 months or less maybe, he will be here! This time around it has gone so fast and I am soaking it up because this might be the last one for us. Yes. We have said he will be the last one. But, you never know. I will post another belly picture soon.

Will starts school next week, and he cannot wait! A totally different experience from last year. He keeps asking me when he can go and cannot wait to meet his friends again. He has become such a big kid but to me he still has his baby-ness. He is always curious, asks lots of questions and never stops talking. A good thing and a bad thing. We are still working on the eating habits but I told myself, I can't stress about it. We met his new pediatrician and she was amazing and gave some helpful hints. Will is sleeping great through the night and actually sleeping in lately, which I love! I have been able to stay up later and read and sleep in myself. So nice because soon it won't be possible.

Went to our local Wee Sale which is a huge consignment sale that local moms get involved in. There are racks and racks of clothes. Baby items, toys, books, dvds and tons more. I was really going to see if I could find some fall play clothes for Will since he goes through them so quickly. I actually found 2 brand new Gap hoodies for him that only cost me $6! Total deal. I got a couple of long sleeve shirts for him, some sweatpants (Gap), and some jeans for about $20. I am always amazed at the deals that I come away with! I did happen to take a look at the baby boy clothes even though I know I don't need anything, I couldn't help it. They had so much which they usually don't. I got a pair of Gap carpenter jeans, with 2 long sleeve Gap onesies for $4! Did I mention those were brand new too! Then I got a couple of Gymboree outfits all for about $20. So in total I maybe spent $50 on the two boys and got so much stuff. I am always proud when I can save my family extra money on things like this. If I would have gotten this stuff at the Gap, I would have easily spent over $150. I usually go to the Gap when they have sales because I think they have the best quality clothes for boys and they are usually the cutest. But, it's gotta be a deal.

Okay, now that this post has become a total random, I think I will stop here before you all get bored. Have a great Thursday!


Anonymous said...

so glad you guys have power!!

blueviolet said...

I can't believe what deals you got at that sale. So phenomenal!

I'd be completely stir crazy without power that long. I'm glad you survived with sanity intact!

amanda said...

yay for hormonal meltdowns! i always feel sooo much better after i have a good cry :)

Shell said...

Glad you got your power back! This weather has been crazy!

Callie said...

Quite a week indeed! That's terrible to not have any power, isn't it? Let's hope we have no more natural disasters for awhile!Between the earthquake and the hurricane, my nerves are shot!
Enjoy these last several weeks before you meet Baby Boy #2! Can't wait to see pictures!

Carly said...

glad your power is back on. You don't realize how much you need power until you are without. I wish they had great sales like that around here!