Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Am Starting to Hate Nesting !

My nesting fever has been in full force for about 2 weeks or so. I am a total neat freak/organizer by nature so you can only imagine what nesting is like over here. It's bad! Lew keeps making fun of me for it too!

So far I have already, organized Lew's closet. Switched his summer clothes to fall and winter. Did the same, somewhat for my side of the closet. Just did it with Will's and man oh man I went a little over board with his summer clothes. I don't think he wore a couple of his shorts. Lesson learned.

I have labeled Will's and #2's dresser, you know because Lew will get confused as to what is Will's and what is #2's! ;)
I have gone through most of Will's toys and organized them better into their proper containers, even though he messes that up everyday for me.

Lew helped me get the boy's room together by pulling out the crib, and setting up shelving for all of Will's nice trains. So now all of #2's blankets are in the crib drawer and neatly stashed away.

Baby boy's clothes are all washed and put away, smelling oh so good. I totally love the smell of dreft! So much so that I think I am going to start washing all of our sheets in it. I know. Bad. That stuff is expensive!

I have our co-sleeper bassinet set up, baskets with diapers, butt paste, burp rags, and all the baby essentials set up in our room and downstairs in the living room.

If you saw my linen closet you would think I am a tad obsessed. I have a couple packs of newborn diapers, and a couple of size 1. Then I have like 6 packs of wipes. Crazy. I know. Then I have tons of Aveeno baby soap and lotions, it's sick. But the boy's in my family have to use Aveeno because of the horrible dry skin they get. So I tell myself, I am totally looking out of them.

Then, I think this is the craziest. I am acting like I will never leave the house. I went out and bought extra laundry detergent, softner, toliet paper and paper towels. I am not talking a couple rolls here. I am talking like my laundry closet is over flowing with paper goods. That one, Lew hasn't noticed yet. Thank goodness! There would be some serious jokes going on!

Haven't done much cooking, because I feel like the boys could live off pasta for a while. Totally kidding here. Maybe not. I did make a Shepards Pie and froze more than half of it. I am not a cook. I am a baker. So if I froze some cupcakes we would be golden for a while. My sister did make some food for me last time, so I am kinda hoping she will do it again. Hint. Hint.

Okay. I am sure you are totally bored of hearing about my nesting ways. I am. I am sick of nesting. This baby needs to come!


Anonymous said...

hehe I totally have a mental image of the laundry room over flowing with paper products! If you run out of things to nest you are welcome to come to my house.. I could pay you with food :-)

Barbara said...

I'm with Lindsay, if you run out of things to do there, feel free to come and help me out! ;)

Christy said...

I stocked up on essential supplies before Guppy was born too. I bought extra laundry detergent, toilet paper, pull-ups, etc. I was acting like I never intended to leave the house ever again, which is just crazy because I go stir crazy if I don't leave the house on a regular basis.

amanda said...

i love nesting. so so so fun! enjoy it while you can!

blueviolet said...

Wow, wow, wow, that's major nesting and I find it so incredibly cute! Oh, how exciting this all is!!!

Callie said...

This is so exciting!!!!! I am an organizer too, and I found this post totally inspiring! :) Can't wait to "meet" baby #2!

KLZ said...

I'm so terrible - I won't buy Dreft because it's so expensive. I just get the free and clear version of something else because I'm so cheap :(