Friday, September 9, 2011

I See Me . . .

This post was suppost to be about my little guy's first day of 3's Preschool. But, as I loaded these pictures I realized something, he looks so much like me when I was a kid.

We have that same wide grinned smile, big blue eyes, and face shape. It's weird because I have never really noticed before because he is a boy, he does look a lot like his Daddy. But seeing this first picture, I realize that my little guy really is a spitting image of me. Too bad I don't have a lot of pictures of myself as a young kid, being the baby of 4 kids, the pictures sort of dwindled. Kinda stinks. I will have to find one and scan it so I can show you how much my baby actually looks like me.

Anyway. My Will had a great first unofficial day of preschool on Wednesday which is the picture below. He met his teacher and played, while we had an orientation with the director. All of his class mates from the 2's program are in his class which definitely helped with the transition. He also has the same assistant teacher as last year, who I love!

In this picture, it's the first official day of Preschool and he could not have been more excited and happy to be going to school! He woke me up each morning asking if it was time to go to school. Totally love his eagerness. He had about had it with pictures this week, so I told him to make me a silly face. He never disappoints. Hopefully he is not the class clown, although I wouldn't put it past him, because he is hilarious!

When we picked him up today, his assistant teacher said he did absolutely amazing! He was a good listener and played well with others. I was so happy to hear this and am so proud of my little guy.

I think this year is going to be wonderful for him not only in the learning department but socially as well. Can't wait to see what the future holds for my bright little star!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie!! Glad he is so exited for school to start!

blueviolet said...

Really glad that day one went so well and that he listened and followed the plans! :)

Callie said...

LOVE that octopus shirt! What a cute kid! I'm glad the new class is going well. Hadley's in her second year of preschool and she likes it but little things come out each when she comes home that make me realize she misses her other teacher. Guess that's what happens when you grow up.
Adorable pictures!

Daddy Bub said...

He is such a cutie, and he has the BEST smile!

Clare said...

i've loved seeing your updates about school on facebook! i hope all is going well, he looks just so so happy to be going!