Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bits and Pieces . . .

  • You are changing daily.
  • From 1 month to 2 months you were an amazing sleeper.
  • Now, not so much.  Although, you do sleep through the night according to what sleeping through the night is for babies.  A 5 hour stretch.  Now if only I could get myself to stop reading and go to sleep at 8:00 when you do.  Then I would not feel sleep deprived.
  • Last night you slept in your crib for the first time.  8:00-1:45.  You usually go from 8 tell about 3.  I have to remember the small achievements we make.  Like, holy cow, you slept in your crib!  You take naps in your swing which I know I need to break you of but, that is when you get the best sleep during the day.
  • You rolled over from back to tummy on February 4th and totally made me cry!
  • You have the best personality.  A little laid back and very happy.  Kind of like your ultrasound picture.
  • You can grab on to toys but get frustrated when you can't let it go.
  • You love white noise and have taken to Coldplay, it makes mommy tired too!
  • You know who your mommy is.  Which I love.  If I am holding you and I put you down you will cry to be held again.  Not always the best for me to pick you back up, but I can't resist you.
  • My biggest boy.  You are total sweetness and always make me smile lately.
  • You are quite the talker and have lots of questions lately.
  • You are so close to writing your own name.  This has been hard for us because Will is not really into drawing or doing crafts.  Getting him to sit down and practice learning things can sometimes be a challenge but I am so happy that he is turning the corner.
  • You use a lot of big words and surprise me and daddy all the time.  
  • You are so good at doing puzzles and putting Lego's together.  You have an engineering mind like your grandpa.
  • You love school and when I pick you up, you always say you wanted to stay longer.  I hope you feel that way in a couple of years!
  • You miss your Ella Bella and I am sorry that you don't quite understand where she is.  You keep asking if she can come back but when I tell you she is with your grandparents you get a bit upset.  It brings me to tears to hear you cry about missing her.  She was such a special part of our lives.  I know one day we will have another puppy and she will hold a place in our hearts as well.
  • My biggest, you mean the world to me and taught me how to be a mommy.  Thanks for always loving me no matter what, you have a special place in my heart.
I love you both, always more than air.


Lindsay said...

sweet notes! :-) I need some updated pictures of your cuties! Sorry Will is having a tough time.. animals have such a special spots in our hearts!

Barbara said...

What a sweet post! My husband always tells me to go to bed at 8 when the baby does, but I never listen and am always complaining in the morning! ;) They cycle of life, right?