Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Can't Believe You are 4!

My Dearest Willsy Bubsy,

I have been meaning to write you your 4th Birthday letter for a while now.  Now, I finally have some time to tell you how you have completed our world.  Words will never be able to do it justice because you are that special to us.  But, here I go.
You were stubborn when coming into this world, wanting to stay in mommy.  I can't blame you, the world can be scary and cold at times.  And I have to say, you have still kept that stubborn quality.  Sometimes it is so cute and other times you can drive me a bit bonkers.  I call you Turtle these days because you seem to take your time getting things done and when it is time to go some where, you are just like your daddy.  Slow to get moving.  But, that's why I love you boys.

You always make me smile, and it usually happens right when I need it most.  It is quite infectious too.  You have the most beautiful smile, bright, husky blue eyes and eyelashes that anyone would love to have.  I think you will melt some hearts with those blues one day!
You are super smart.  You have a memory like no other.  It makes me think when you are my age that you will remember being 4 and even 3.  You love to act out scenes from movies or shows that you have watched.  You can do it word for word.  It amazes your daddy and I.

Your vocabulary is constantly expanding and you have become so articulate as well.  You say big words and put them in the right spot in sentences.  Sometimes I think you don't know what they mean but then you tell me and I am totally shocked.

You say the Pledge of Allegiance and they you sing a flag song.  It just amazes me the things that you know and say.  You say it like you mean it and as if you have known it forever.  Makes me so proud and Daddy just beams.

You love school and hate to come home when you are there.  You often get in the car and tell me you didn't want to come home.  That you wanted to stay with your friends.  You always tell me about your day and it is quite funny because I don't know if the stories you tell me are true.  They do sound it though!

You are 95% for your height.  About 65% for your weight.  You are a bit of a bean pole and definitely have sprouted up in the last couple of months!  This time last year, you were in the process of being potty trained and I was still able to pick you up comfortably.  Now you are so long and it is sometimes hard for mommy to pick you up, even though I love to!  

You are a snuggler and love your back scratched when you are getting tired.  When you sleep you often sleep like an infant.  On your tummy with your knees tucked underneath you in a ball.  Don't ask me how you do it.  It makes me a bit sad to see how fast you have grown!

You are taking swimming again.  I gave you a choice.  Soccer or swimming and you chose to swim.  I have to say it makes me a bit happy, seeing how that was my sport.  Plus, you would make an excellent back stroker with your long limbs.

Sometimes I wish I could press rewind to hold onto those special moments with you at each age.  You have grown into such an amazing little boy and I am glad that you are mine.

I love you Willsy, more than air.


amanda said...

happy happy four birthday boy!!

Lindsay said...

Very sweet letter! Will sounds like he is a big boy! He is probably getting pretty close to Sammy ;-)

Natalie said...

Awww this is so sweet! Happy birthday!

Barbara said...

What a beautiful post! Happy 4th Birthday!!