Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ella Bella . . .

My Dear Ella Bella,

We miss you so much already and you have only been gone a day.  Bone cancer took you away from us and its just no fair.  Cancer is awful what it does to people but it is equally bad what it does to your fur baby.

Ella was born in Texas on February 24, 2004.  Daddy got you when he was TDY in for the Air Force.  I remember when he called me and said, "I just saw a sign for AKC Rottweilers, should I go check them out?"  I  told him definitely and later that day I opened up an email with a picture of you.  The cutest of all, the "runt" of your litter and the only girl left.  Daddy wasn't aloud to take you into the hotel he was at but because he was in the military, they let him.  You slept with him in his bed and you went with Daddy on his top secret missions.  You were such a lucky girl from the beginning tell the very end.

You were the easiest puppy to train and loved playing outside, as well as just relaxing in the sunshine.

You saw us through many trials and tribulations.  Although, those were always out weighed by the amazing times spent snuggling and loving on you.

When I got pregnant with Will, you became a little protector.  You slept on my side of the bed for most of my pregnancy even though it was a tight fit.  You snuggled up in the corner.  You would go from Daddy to me and get your nightly "rubbings" and then you would be completely content.

You took to Will with such care and loved him from the start.  You peered in his bassinet and often lay next to where he was.  When he began to crawl you were there with him.  Often resting your head on his back when he was taking a break.  You two were instantly best friends.  Everyone told us we should watch out with you being a rottie.  But, you a "momma bear" from the beginning.  Always protecting your family from day one tell the end.

When I got pregnant with Eli, again you slept on my side of the bed.  Resting your sweet face next to my pillow for a pet.  How could anyone resist your face?  You were and are the sweetest dog we have ever met.  You seemed to be more protective this time around, I think you felt your job was to constantly protect us.  Such an amazing quality that we loved in our baby girl.  When Eli came home and I sat on the couch, you were right at my feet checking him out.  I am so glad that you were able to meet your baby brother.

Little did we know that the cancer was attacking your sweetness.

I am so happy that we got to spend one more Christmas with you and that you were able to see Will really enjoy it this year.  You got a big bone that you devoured in typical Ella fashion.

The cancer took you quickly, as much as we tried to hold on, we knew it wouldn't be long.  We were in denial that you would ever have to leave us.

I decided to move your birthday up from February 24 to February 10.  I made you a doggie cake of   peanut butter and carrots.  It actually was quite good and you had two huge slices on the 10th and I gave you a slice right before we had to go to the vet.

Daddy had to say his goodbyes to you at the house because it was just too much.  Will gave you a big hug but really didn't understand.  The two momma bears were off on our last car ride.  I am so glad that I got to be the one to be with you in those final moments.  

No more pain is what I told you.  And thank you for always watching over me and being my protector.  I was lucky enough to get kisses from you right before you went to sleep.  I'm sure my mom and Lew's dad were waiting for you.  Thanking you for completing their families because you did.

Love and miss you more than air Ella.  You were the bestest.


Carly said...

So sorry to hear this. Prayers for your family!

Lindsay said...

ohh tears.. so sorry Jenny!! I know you will miss your baby!!

Brandi said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. :( {{HUGS}}

amanda said...

so very sorry to hear about your loss...thinking of you and your family!

Natalie said...

Awww I'm so sorry :( I know it is not easy---they are family!

Barbara said...

oh, I am so sorry for your loss! I know how hard it is to lose such a close member of your family.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Oh, I'm just terribly sorry that you've lost your sweet Ella. :( So, so sorry.


Emily said...

Oh my sweet friend... I have MIA for quite sometime and am so sad to hear the news of your sweet baby. It's always so hard to say goodbye. We are still in mourning over the loss of our sweet Charlie. I'm glad that your little Eli was able to meet her and spend some time with her. Take care.