Tuesday, January 25, 2011

because lately it's all i have time for . .

I meant to post a letter to my sweet Willsey Bubsy for his birthday but I was busy working on a montage for him. As for that it took me a couple of hours looking through pictures from the past 3 years and I could not decide which ones I liked best.

So. I saved it.

I will come back to it soon because I really do want to get something up here for my little bubsy.

We have had a jam packed 3 day birthday weekend for him. Friday he had a mini celebration at his preschool with the duck cupcakes I made below for his class. Yes. I was trying to win over the other moms! It worked. They all loved them.

Saturday cousin Lilly and Aunt Mimi came over for another day of fun. We opened presents and had more cupcakes and cookies. Then we headed to see Tangled, which was really good! Willsey of course devoured his popcorn. I think he could live off of it! For dinner we took him to Jack's Fortune, which is the best chinese restaurant around. Will loves the sticky rice and wonton noodles, me I love the chicken and broccoli...so good!

Sunday, birthday day and bears playing the packers day. I surprised Will with a sprinkle donut and balloons in the a.m. Not so sure he really understood it was his birthday with all the celebrating that had been going on. Of course he got trains...he also got a Thomas the Train bed. We did it. I am glad we did because he is in love with his bed and it has made bed time a lot easier.

We just had a family fun day at home for the day and watched the bears lose, which was depressing. But we moved on when we had cake and Will's ice cream to eat. It really was a great day.

Will and I also took a spin in the train at the mall on Monday and splurged on Auntie Anne's pretzels and got some new kicks from Stride Rite. Busy. Busy. And more busy!

Pics below are not the greatest because they are from my phone but wanted to a least re-cap a couple of them.

Random seems like all I really have the time to do lately. Going to try and get better at this blogging!


amanda said...

happy happy brithday :)

Brandi said...

Aw, Happy 3rd to Willsey! :)

Clare said...

awww, happy birthday!! the ducky cupcakes are sweet!!!

Lindsay said...

Love the cupcakes they are great!! Happy Birthday Will :-)

Christy said...

Happy birthday little guy! Sounds like he had an action packed celebration. We need a picture of his fancy new train bed.