Monday, January 10, 2011

Potty Training . . . ARGH!

I have been absent the last week for one reason, potty training.

It is not fun.

I think I have the most stubborn little bubsy on the planet.

We tried doing it in the summer and he was just not ready at all. Then I have been hearing a lot of moms try this 3 day potty training method. So I thought, why not give this a shot. I actually ordered the book from amazon and read it front to back as soon as I got it.

Seemed easy enough.


I barely made it through day one people! It was kind of frustrating and I just felt so bad for Will. He held his poop the whole day before he pooped on the bathroom floor! I literally had to take him to the potty every half hour or else he had wet himself. He got so upset too when his Percy underwear were wet. I thought for sure this would trigger an "ah ha" moment for him.


I gave up. I almost feel like I have failed. I say almost because I just feel like he might not be ready. But then again, he is almost 3!

What do you think? Do you have any special hints or methods you can share? I would love to hear!


Shell said...

Mine were all over 3 when I potty trained them. My youngest will be 3 in May and I might start him soon.

I did do the quick method. Putting them right into underwear and setting a timer to try every so often(30-45 minutes, depending on their success). We watched lots of "Potty Power" video. First day was hell. Oldest got it on day 2 and that was it, no accidents ever. Took middle about 4 days.

Hang in there!

Liz said...

our first go-round with kate we had that same poop problem. so we backed off and a few months later, she was raring to go again!

amanda said...

so sorry friend...i think you know where i stand - every kid is different and they are on their own clock!! which doesn't make it any easier when your clock says it's time :)

but i swear once i finally let go - lilly was ready - and just like that (minus a few frustrating weeks of poop issues) she was a potty princess!!

good luck friend!!

Anonymous said...

oo girl sorry its been so hard for you guys! Sammy did TERRIBLE the first day.. never made it to the potty once.. day 2 about half way through the day he finally started to get it.. but I still had to watch the clock and remind him every hour. Still pooped his underwear day 2.. day 3 he finally got the poop thing.. but I would say for about 2 weeks I still had to remind him to go.. if we left the house he had to go. I used this as my guide:

and we did gummy bear rewards.. one for a pee and 2 for a poo.. I hope that helps!

Natalie said...

I wish I had some words of advice for you...but Tater's potty training was the longest training EVER.

Good luck and don't get frustrated - it will only make him frustrated too :)

Christy said...

I didn't get Porgie potty trained until she turned 4! She would hold in her poop for 3-5 days at a time. I would panic and call the pediatrician, and they would tell me to put her back in a diaper. It was frustrating, but eventually she figured it out.

Oddly enough, Izzy was trained at 2, with no problems whatsoever. Every kid is different. Don't force the issue too much, because it will happen eventually. How many adults do you know who aren't potty trained?

Krystyn said... SIL bought one on amazon and it seems like it was a little different than the one I used. ( No clock setting or timing.

And, it's THREE days, not one. Days one and two? They are hell! Absolute torture for you. And, the accidents will happen. They have to learn their bodies.

And, the pooping thing really takes time. If you catch him in the act, run him to the potty mid-poop and get him to finish there. Baby steps.

You can do can he.

Bethany said...

I can completely feel your frustration! Hoping some of these tips help me as well!! good luck!

Jill said...

I had my kids wear only a shirt (no undies either) gave them lots of juice/milk/whatever. Sat them on the potty every 20 minutes & read lots of books & sang lots of songs there. They got 1 little smartie if they sat for 5 minutes; a whole roll if they peed. If they started to go on the floor, they almost always stopped immediately. We called g'ma or an aunt anytime there was success too.

We stayed in the family for 3 whole days, but that was it. Potty trained. My boys were 2.5 (daughter was 20 months!)

Clare said...

bradley was very similar, i had to put him on the potty a lot in the beginning and we didn't leave the house for almost four days. then when we did i had the potty in the back of the car, and we would go in it before we would get out of the car to go to the park. i would set the kitchen timer for 30 minutes, and even if he just sat on the potty he got a treat, a skittle or m+m, then if he went pee pee he got a treat. if he did a #2, i had a bin of dollar store treats for him, and he got to pick one. bradley held his for the first day and i almost gave up, but then i figured the next day if he didn't go on the potty we would try later. I would watch him really carefully, and i could tell when he was just about to go and i would run him to the potty asap. it is a lot of hard work mama, good luck!!

Greta: From Transparencies of Motherhood said...

I love reading the comments as we're in the middle of this with little boy #2. Good luck! Great blog :)