Monday, January 3, 2011

My List . . .

One of my bestest friend (is that even a word) and I decided to do a list of what we want to happen this year. I call her my beaches friend because we truly are that.

She lives in Wyoming and has since she moved away after 8th grade. We have pen pals, sharing all of our teenage drama and secrets. Then email pals, sharing college life, boyfriend drama and now mom stuff. It is hard to believe because I think a lot of people don't stay close from those "tween" years. But she and I definitely have a special connection.

Over text we decided to make this list of what we want to happen this year, which was inspired by another blog that we both love to read.

My friend made her list and then burnt it at midnight on NYE to send it up into the universe. Yes. Sounds funny but we are hoping it works. As we kept saying this is "our" year!

So here is my list, in no particular order.

  • Keep my family healthy and happy this year. Very general but after the year of sickness that we had, I am going to try and get Will to eat a variety of new things since he is so picky.
  • Definitely try and get a couple date nights for Lew and I. This one is hard because we do not have a lot of family around here. So we might take advantage of the My Gym's parents night out. But we definitely need some couple time.
  • To try and get more involved with other moms around here. I do not have a lot of friends here, so I think I might try and join a moms of preschoolers group.
  • To get Will in some creative classes with our Parks and Rec programs that are offered in the spring. Tee Ball, possibly.
  • To focus on myself a little more. Getting my hair done on somewhat of a regular basis, get more "me" time for workouts. Get happy with me.
  • To hopefully be pregnant sometime this year.

That sums it up. Hopefully I can keep to all my goals!


Shell said...

You can do them all! Love your goals!

amanda said...

sounds like an excellent list!!

here's to accomplishing all of our goals this year :)

Sandra said...

So funny, you are the second person I read tonight who has as one of her "resolution" to get her hair done on a more regular basis. Well, you stick to that! That's a good resolution to keep!

Clare said...

i love them all!! i think they are great, and sound a lot like some of the things i wanted at will's age. you might meet some great moms at the parks and rec classes, i did!!!

Lindsay said...

Sorry I have been a slacker blog reader lately! I love this list! You have some great plans for this year and this is totally your year :-)

Christy said...

I should make a list of things to do. I need some goals to work toward. I have been do mopey lately:(

Good luck friend!