Tuesday, January 18, 2011

where i post about . . .

  • I heart random days.
  • I ordered potty power per a wonderful blogger's review. Hoping it gets Will excited about the potty.
  • Will is obsessed with the movie, Up. I cry at the end every time when he gives the little boy the "Ellie" badge. Such a sweet movie.
  • A year ago Will was introduced to Thomas and ever since, he has been totally entranced with that blue engine!
  • Can you believe we are thinking of even getting him the Thomas toddler bed? I am not so sure about it but Lew thinks that Will's love of trains will at least get him to age 5. But at the rate he is growing he will be too big for it by the age of 4!
  • Speaking of age, my sweet little bubsy is turning 3 on Sunday! I can't believe it. I am actually looking for this amazing montage that my brother did on his first birthday. I would love to post it.
  • Thursday, I have Will's first review with his teacher. I am kind of nervous what she will say, I think he is pretty smart but I am his mom. I mean what kind of review can you give for a 2 year old?
  • We were going to do a birthday party at My Gym but decided against because a lot of his friends from school haven't done birthday parties, so I felt kind of weird being the first one doing it. I know. One of the items on my list was to get more involved with other mom's. I was actually going to volunteer at Will's school but a bunch of other mom's beat me to it!
  • Anyway, back to the birthday. We are going to see Tangled, eat at Will's favorite Chinese restaurant and have ice cream cake, which he requested. What did he want for his birthday? Trains.
  • He is also having a little party in his class on Friday and I am going to attempt to make this really cool duck cupcakes. If they turn out, I will post a picture. They better!
  • Shows I am totally obsessed with right now, all the housewives (pretty much anything on bravo), parenthood, teen mom, biggest loser, kimora life in the fab lane (not sure why i am watching this/pretty much rotting my brain), and behind the scenes on oprah's new network, master class is pretty good too.
  • Lastly, I am thinking of cutting my hair. It is pretty much down to the middle of my back and I would like to donate it to locks of love. Lately I have just been putting it back in a pony tail, and to me that's a sign that maybe I need to go shorter. I would love to do one of those pixie cuts that all the stars are rocking but, definitely do not have the courage to do that! What do you think?


Bethany said...

Holy crap!! I am thinking (I am a nervous nelly) about cutting my hair on Saturday - it is so long I also put it into a ponytail and want to dontate it to Locks of Love. I have been wanting to do this for some time. It maybe a sign I need to since you brought it up!

Shell said...

Hope Potty Power helps. You will be singing the songs, watch. LOL

I always regret cutting my hair short. But, I can't donate mine anyway b/c it's bleached and ends up damaged when it's that long and no one would want it!

Pics if you do get a cut!

Anonymous said...

I love random! I can't believe he is turning 3! Sounds like a great celebration! I so want to see the duck cupcakes!!

amanda said...

hair always grows back right??

Krystyn said...

Okay..there's a lot here, but....I'm so impressed that he's not in a bed. My monkeys were trying to climb out of it!

My opinion..I would not worry about the toddler bed (unless you get it super cheap). I would go straight to a twin or full, or whatever you are going to use. The toddler bed just isn't used very much. There's my two cents.

And, the hair? I let mine grow out then chop it off. The good thing is, it grows back:) Go for it.

And, seriously, three? Please make them stop growing.

KLZ said...

You would look awesome in a pixie cut! I've donated to Locks of Love a few times and while it's always nerve wracking it's so rewarding and feels so good to be "lighter".

And now I'm craving Chinese food. Maybe I can celebrate Will's birthday through food?