Thursday, January 27, 2011

Because I want a Baby . . .

As most of you know Lew and I have been trying for number #2 for a while now.

At times I have been depressed, could care less if another one came a long, to desperately wanting another child. It has been hard seeing other friends get pregnant and even bloggy friends conceive and blog about it. I have tried to be supportive but in the privacy of my own little world I have been breaking down.

Lew's mom had been asking us for a while when we were going to start trying again. We have kept it pretty quiet just because, who really wants someone asking you each month if you are pregnant? She asked Lew a couple weeks ago again if we were trying and he hated lying, so he told her yes, but we weren't having much luck. Love how he puts it, only a man would say it that way.

Fast forward to yesterday, when a package comes for me and it is an ovulation tester and pregnancy test kit. Along with it is a list of websites and "helpful" hints of how to conceive and if you want a boy or a girl. I was not upset by any means that she sent it because this is definitely my mil and I was actually happy that she was kind of acting "motherly" towards me. It felt nice.

Anyway. On the list of helpful hints and tips, it mentioned taking mucinex around the time you are ovulating. Have you ever heard of that? Until I googled it, I had no idea what it would do to help us. After much googling, I came to understand that it thins everything out down ''there'' so that the troops have a nice ride to the egg.

So...considering my ovulation day is coming up, I started taking mucinex to help out those troops! It is actually helping out the little chest congestion I had too! Who knew mucinex was multi-purpose. Who knows if this will work, I will try anything once at this point.

I wasn't sure about clicking publish on this post but after reading many of my blog friends and twitter friends who are at blissdom, post about being yourself, and putting yourself out there, I thought, why not?

So, here I am, trying to conceive a baby and taking mucinex, that's pretty out there. For me.

I will do anything for it.


Bethany said...

Hang in there!!! I can't even imagine how hard things must be. Praying this will do the job ;)

Brandi said...

Girl, the MIL part made me smile... if my MIL did that I would d.i.e. LOL. ;)

Keeping you in my prayers, hun. I hope the Mucinex does the trick.

Anonymous said...

aww so glad your MIL acted motherly! I actually had to take some mucinex with this nasty cold.. I googled to make sure it was safe.. you know in case I am actually pregnant at this time and saw that! How funny we were both researching the same thing! Here's to it working girlfriend!

Christy said...

I think that was very sweet of your mother-in-law.

Good luck friend!

amanda said...

fingers crossed!!

Angie said...

Good luck!!

I never heard of that one (and thought I had read all the little tricks when we were having issues ttc!) I tried the Instead cups and that worked - with the combination of some medications to help my hormone imbalance

Hope the mucinex works for you!

Clare said...

Hey jenny! i wanted to write you last week, but we have been crazy sick over here. i have heard about the mucinex thing, and there is a lot of research behind it!! i got to the point that i would try anything. hang in there. it is so hard, and only people that have been through it can understand!

KLZ said...

You know, I'd never heard of that but it...kind of makes sense. Hopefully it helps the troops out.

I can't imagine how rough it is. Good luck. Keep us posted.

Krystyn said...

Wow. I think you acted way better than I would have. I don't know why, but that would have upset me. But, you are right, it was in a motherly way because she knew you were trying.

Who knew about the mucinex? I've got some in the house, and after I, too, get my hormones worked out, might have to give it a try, too.