Thursday, January 27, 2011

Because I want a Baby . . .

As most of you know Lew and I have been trying for number #2 for a while now.

At times I have been depressed, could care less if another one came a long, to desperately wanting another child. It has been hard seeing other friends get pregnant and even bloggy friends conceive and blog about it. I have tried to be supportive but in the privacy of my own little world I have been breaking down.

Lew's mom had been asking us for a while when we were going to start trying again. We have kept it pretty quiet just because, who really wants someone asking you each month if you are pregnant? She asked Lew a couple weeks ago again if we were trying and he hated lying, so he told her yes, but we weren't having much luck. Love how he puts it, only a man would say it that way.

Fast forward to yesterday, when a package comes for me and it is an ovulation tester and pregnancy test kit. Along with it is a list of websites and "helpful" hints of how to conceive and if you want a boy or a girl. I was not upset by any means that she sent it because this is definitely my mil and I was actually happy that she was kind of acting "motherly" towards me. It felt nice.

Anyway. On the list of helpful hints and tips, it mentioned taking mucinex around the time you are ovulating. Have you ever heard of that? Until I googled it, I had no idea what it would do to help us. After much googling, I came to understand that it thins everything out down ''there'' so that the troops have a nice ride to the egg.

So...considering my ovulation day is coming up, I started taking mucinex to help out those troops! It is actually helping out the little chest congestion I had too! Who knew mucinex was multi-purpose. Who knows if this will work, I will try anything once at this point.

I wasn't sure about clicking publish on this post but after reading many of my blog friends and twitter friends who are at blissdom, post about being yourself, and putting yourself out there, I thought, why not?

So, here I am, trying to conceive a baby and taking mucinex, that's pretty out there. For me.

I will do anything for it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

because lately it's all i have time for . .

I meant to post a letter to my sweet Willsey Bubsy for his birthday but I was busy working on a montage for him. As for that it took me a couple of hours looking through pictures from the past 3 years and I could not decide which ones I liked best.

So. I saved it.

I will come back to it soon because I really do want to get something up here for my little bubsy.

We have had a jam packed 3 day birthday weekend for him. Friday he had a mini celebration at his preschool with the duck cupcakes I made below for his class. Yes. I was trying to win over the other moms! It worked. They all loved them.

Saturday cousin Lilly and Aunt Mimi came over for another day of fun. We opened presents and had more cupcakes and cookies. Then we headed to see Tangled, which was really good! Willsey of course devoured his popcorn. I think he could live off of it! For dinner we took him to Jack's Fortune, which is the best chinese restaurant around. Will loves the sticky rice and wonton noodles, me I love the chicken and good!

Sunday, birthday day and bears playing the packers day. I surprised Will with a sprinkle donut and balloons in the a.m. Not so sure he really understood it was his birthday with all the celebrating that had been going on. Of course he got trains...he also got a Thomas the Train bed. We did it. I am glad we did because he is in love with his bed and it has made bed time a lot easier.

We just had a family fun day at home for the day and watched the bears lose, which was depressing. But we moved on when we had cake and Will's ice cream to eat. It really was a great day.

Will and I also took a spin in the train at the mall on Monday and splurged on Auntie Anne's pretzels and got some new kicks from Stride Rite. Busy. Busy. And more busy!

Pics below are not the greatest because they are from my phone but wanted to a least re-cap a couple of them.

Random seems like all I really have the time to do lately. Going to try and get better at this blogging!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

where i post about . . .

  • I heart random days.
  • I ordered potty power per a wonderful blogger's review. Hoping it gets Will excited about the potty.
  • Will is obsessed with the movie, Up. I cry at the end every time when he gives the little boy the "Ellie" badge. Such a sweet movie.
  • A year ago Will was introduced to Thomas and ever since, he has been totally entranced with that blue engine!
  • Can you believe we are thinking of even getting him the Thomas toddler bed? I am not so sure about it but Lew thinks that Will's love of trains will at least get him to age 5. But at the rate he is growing he will be too big for it by the age of 4!
  • Speaking of age, my sweet little bubsy is turning 3 on Sunday! I can't believe it. I am actually looking for this amazing montage that my brother did on his first birthday. I would love to post it.
  • Thursday, I have Will's first review with his teacher. I am kind of nervous what she will say, I think he is pretty smart but I am his mom. I mean what kind of review can you give for a 2 year old?
  • We were going to do a birthday party at My Gym but decided against because a lot of his friends from school haven't done birthday parties, so I felt kind of weird being the first one doing it. I know. One of the items on my list was to get more involved with other mom's. I was actually going to volunteer at Will's school but a bunch of other mom's beat me to it!
  • Anyway, back to the birthday. We are going to see Tangled, eat at Will's favorite Chinese restaurant and have ice cream cake, which he requested. What did he want for his birthday? Trains.
  • He is also having a little party in his class on Friday and I am going to attempt to make this really cool duck cupcakes. If they turn out, I will post a picture. They better!
  • Shows I am totally obsessed with right now, all the housewives (pretty much anything on bravo), parenthood, teen mom, biggest loser, kimora life in the fab lane (not sure why i am watching this/pretty much rotting my brain), and behind the scenes on oprah's new network, master class is pretty good too.
  • Lastly, I am thinking of cutting my hair. It is pretty much down to the middle of my back and I would like to donate it to locks of love. Lately I have just been putting it back in a pony tail, and to me that's a sign that maybe I need to go shorter. I would love to do one of those pixie cuts that all the stars are rocking but, definitely do not have the courage to do that! What do you think?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

mom knows best ?

Of Will. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed because I do pretty much everything when it comes to Will.

Lew works extremely extremely long hours, which is the nature of the beast with his job. But sometimes I kinda wish that the two men in my life did not depend on me so much. Do you see where I am coming from? Lew is a great parent don't get me wrong, but why does "mom" always have to know what is best?

I get up with Will, make breakfast for everyone, pick out Will's clothes, take him to school, take him to training sessions with me, know what he will and won't eat, know his nap schedule, sometimes Lew asks me if Will is taking a nap today.

Do I really know what's best? Because, I am definitely learning this parenting gig as I go, for sure.

Do you ever feel that way? Sometimes I just wish someone else could figure out what to eat, where to go, what to plan, what to do...don't you wish that?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Potty Training . . . ARGH!

I have been absent the last week for one reason, potty training.

It is not fun.

I think I have the most stubborn little bubsy on the planet.

We tried doing it in the summer and he was just not ready at all. Then I have been hearing a lot of moms try this 3 day potty training method. So I thought, why not give this a shot. I actually ordered the book from amazon and read it front to back as soon as I got it.

Seemed easy enough.


I barely made it through day one people! It was kind of frustrating and I just felt so bad for Will. He held his poop the whole day before he pooped on the bathroom floor! I literally had to take him to the potty every half hour or else he had wet himself. He got so upset too when his Percy underwear were wet. I thought for sure this would trigger an "ah ha" moment for him.


I gave up. I almost feel like I have failed. I say almost because I just feel like he might not be ready. But then again, he is almost 3!

What do you think? Do you have any special hints or methods you can share? I would love to hear!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My List . . .

One of my bestest friend (is that even a word) and I decided to do a list of what we want to happen this year. I call her my beaches friend because we truly are that.

She lives in Wyoming and has since she moved away after 8th grade. We have pen pals, sharing all of our teenage drama and secrets. Then email pals, sharing college life, boyfriend drama and now mom stuff. It is hard to believe because I think a lot of people don't stay close from those "tween" years. But she and I definitely have a special connection.

Over text we decided to make this list of what we want to happen this year, which was inspired by another blog that we both love to read.

My friend made her list and then burnt it at midnight on NYE to send it up into the universe. Yes. Sounds funny but we are hoping it works. As we kept saying this is "our" year!

So here is my list, in no particular order.

  • Keep my family healthy and happy this year. Very general but after the year of sickness that we had, I am going to try and get Will to eat a variety of new things since he is so picky.
  • Definitely try and get a couple date nights for Lew and I. This one is hard because we do not have a lot of family around here. So we might take advantage of the My Gym's parents night out. But we definitely need some couple time.
  • To try and get more involved with other moms around here. I do not have a lot of friends here, so I think I might try and join a moms of preschoolers group.
  • To get Will in some creative classes with our Parks and Rec programs that are offered in the spring. Tee Ball, possibly.
  • To focus on myself a little more. Getting my hair done on somewhat of a regular basis, get more "me" time for workouts. Get happy with me.
  • To hopefully be pregnant sometime this year.

That sums it up. Hopefully I can keep to all my goals!