Friday, September 30, 2011

Totally Stoked !

I am not here today because I am doing my very first guest post at KLZ's place, Taming Insanity! She is an amazing blogger and always has the funniest stories to tell. Go check out her blog and you will be hooked. Then check out my post about the joys of pregnancy with a preschooler. Too funny!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Am Starting to Hate Nesting !

My nesting fever has been in full force for about 2 weeks or so. I am a total neat freak/organizer by nature so you can only imagine what nesting is like over here. It's bad! Lew keeps making fun of me for it too!

So far I have already, organized Lew's closet. Switched his summer clothes to fall and winter. Did the same, somewhat for my side of the closet. Just did it with Will's and man oh man I went a little over board with his summer clothes. I don't think he wore a couple of his shorts. Lesson learned.

I have labeled Will's and #2's dresser, you know because Lew will get confused as to what is Will's and what is #2's! ;)
I have gone through most of Will's toys and organized them better into their proper containers, even though he messes that up everyday for me.

Lew helped me get the boy's room together by pulling out the crib, and setting up shelving for all of Will's nice trains. So now all of #2's blankets are in the crib drawer and neatly stashed away.

Baby boy's clothes are all washed and put away, smelling oh so good. I totally love the smell of dreft! So much so that I think I am going to start washing all of our sheets in it. I know. Bad. That stuff is expensive!

I have our co-sleeper bassinet set up, baskets with diapers, butt paste, burp rags, and all the baby essentials set up in our room and downstairs in the living room.

If you saw my linen closet you would think I am a tad obsessed. I have a couple packs of newborn diapers, and a couple of size 1. Then I have like 6 packs of wipes. Crazy. I know. Then I have tons of Aveeno baby soap and lotions, it's sick. But the boy's in my family have to use Aveeno because of the horrible dry skin they get. So I tell myself, I am totally looking out of them.

Then, I think this is the craziest. I am acting like I will never leave the house. I went out and bought extra laundry detergent, softner, toliet paper and paper towels. I am not talking a couple rolls here. I am talking like my laundry closet is over flowing with paper goods. That one, Lew hasn't noticed yet. Thank goodness! There would be some serious jokes going on!

Haven't done much cooking, because I feel like the boys could live off pasta for a while. Totally kidding here. Maybe not. I did make a Shepards Pie and froze more than half of it. I am not a cook. I am a baker. So if I froze some cupcakes we would be golden for a while. My sister did make some food for me last time, so I am kinda hoping she will do it again. Hint. Hint.

Okay. I am sure you are totally bored of hearing about my nesting ways. I am. I am sick of nesting. This baby needs to come!

Monday, September 26, 2011

breast feeding . . .

I have to admit, I am pretty clueless when it comes to breast feeding. I am bound and determined this time around to breast feed for as long as possible. With Will, I was not taking in enough calories and pretty much could not produce enough for him.

I am a bit clueless about the whole process. I pretty much winged it with Will and just gave it a shot. With #2 on the way, I am still winging it. I have no clue how often breast fed babies need to eat, how long on each breast, and when I pump and he uses a bottle, how much will I feed him?

I know the basics of feeding a baby and know when they are full. But for some reason this breast feeding thing is freaking me out!

Did you wing it? Did you read a book? Or did you get your information from the internet? My sister's never breast fed, they attempted but it didn't last. My mom breast fed me, but unfortunately I cannot get any information from her. I feel like I should have asked these questions when she was sick. She did say, that I was the best baby out of her 4, so that has to count for something.

Any advice you can give would be most helpful! Thanks...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guess Where We Are Going ?

We are leaving today and chasing Thomas to another state. One last, little trip for us as a family of three. Will is over the moon excited to see his train friends again and mommy and daddy are just excited to get away!

As Will would say, "Watch out for the troublesome tracks!"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

34 weeks and 2 days . . .

I went to the ob today, measuring right on, have gained a total of 20lbs thus far. And I am 1-2 cm dialated. I don't think I dialated until 39 weeks with Will. My ob thinks our little guy will come early, I think so too!
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Labor . . .

Today I have reached 34 weeks. Very hard for me to believe but at the same time, I am beginning to feel ready to meet baby boy #2.

The one thing that I am not looking forward to "meeting" again is the pain. Labor. Ugh!

I was induced with Will by my choosing which, I definitely will not do again. Will was definitely not ready to come out. He came at 39 weeks and 3 days. I think he could have stayed in there for another week or two and been content. I must admit, the labor in the beginning was not that bad. I could handle it. I think I was only in real intense labor for about 10 hours but that was with an epidural, that semi worked.

The pushing, now that's a different story. I started pushing around 7:30am and Will was born at 11:54am. You get the picture. It was not fun. The epidural slowly started to disappear, and they had to give me a refill of that little bugger because it got so painful! Half way through, nurse Molly realized that Will's shoulder was stuck and causing some issues of why I was struggling. Not fun. I was in so many different positions trying to get this kid out, it was ridiculous! Good thing I was not filming an episode of the Baby Story because it would not have been a pretty picture!

After all that, I did get my handsome baby boy and let's just say a REALLY bad tear. TMI...I know.

So...I can handle the labor pains, the pushing and I do not get along. My question to all you moms out there who have experienced birthing for a second time, did the kid just pop out, did you have to push forever, was it the same, or was it a totally different and maybe better experience?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Not a Baby Anymore . .

Where does the time go my sweet Will? You were just curled in a ball on my chest, so warm and filled with cuddles. Love you more than air my first baby boy.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Magic Moment . . .

After a while I thought it would never happen. We had been trying for almost a year and it seemed like we would never get our wish of adding to our family. Then on Valentine's Day, I decided to take a test. It would be a little early, so I was trying not to get my hopes up.

When I took the test, I was so nervous and anxious all in the same moment. I stuck the test on the edge of the bath tub and left the bath room. I tried to busy myself for the longest 3 minutes ever. When I came back, I picked up the test with my eyes closed and said one last little prayer.

When I opened my eyes, there was one very dark line and a very faint line that was so desperately wanting to shine on through. Inside my heart was fluttering and my hands were shaking. Could it really be a positive? So at lunch time that day, I took another test. This time that second line was beaming! I was pregnant! I was kind of in denial until I took a picture of it and sent it to Lew at work.

I think he was in shock too. He sent back a message, "Is this for real?" And it was.

On Valentine's Day of this year, we had an amazing magic moment. A moment that we will remember forever.

And at the beginning of June we had another magic moment. We found out we were having baby boy #2! We couldn't have been more happy that he was healthy and looked just like his brother!

I can't leave my first baby boy Will out...I had to include a picture of when I was pregnant with him. After all he was my first magic moment that was concieved in only a month. Definitely magic.

Thanks to Shell for another amazing link up about sharing our magic moments. If you want to check it out for yourself, click the link below and join in the fun!

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Little Linus . . .

To say he is obsessed with his blue blanket is putting it mildly. It's his first love, his comfort when he's tired, and when he's not feeling good. And I'm okay with it.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Ahhmazing Sister !

My sister got all these wonderful clothes for #2! I have been a bit hormonal lately and having my sister come out definitely made my day. I am so lucky to have such a loving and wonderful sister!!
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Friday, September 9, 2011

I See Me . . .

This post was suppost to be about my little guy's first day of 3's Preschool. But, as I loaded these pictures I realized something, he looks so much like me when I was a kid.

We have that same wide grinned smile, big blue eyes, and face shape. It's weird because I have never really noticed before because he is a boy, he does look a lot like his Daddy. But seeing this first picture, I realize that my little guy really is a spitting image of me. Too bad I don't have a lot of pictures of myself as a young kid, being the baby of 4 kids, the pictures sort of dwindled. Kinda stinks. I will have to find one and scan it so I can show you how much my baby actually looks like me.

Anyway. My Will had a great first unofficial day of preschool on Wednesday which is the picture below. He met his teacher and played, while we had an orientation with the director. All of his class mates from the 2's program are in his class which definitely helped with the transition. He also has the same assistant teacher as last year, who I love!

In this picture, it's the first official day of Preschool and he could not have been more excited and happy to be going to school! He woke me up each morning asking if it was time to go to school. Totally love his eagerness. He had about had it with pictures this week, so I told him to make me a silly face. He never disappoints. Hopefully he is not the class clown, although I wouldn't put it past him, because he is hilarious!

When we picked him up today, his assistant teacher said he did absolutely amazing! He was a good listener and played well with others. I was so happy to hear this and am so proud of my little guy.

I think this year is going to be wonderful for him not only in the learning department but socially as well. Can't wait to see what the future holds for my bright little star!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

32 weeks . . .

Covered my face because it has been a rough week!
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Hormonal . . .

I thought I would compile a list of little things that have been annoying me lately and things that have been making me want to cry. Because you know, who doesn't want to remember these things when you are pregnant....HA!

First of my girlfriend's has a scotty, I love dogs, I have one. She annoys me at times. But this scotty, annoys me. Everytime I come to her house the dog will bombard me for treats. It will scratch my leg until I give it one. Really? I mean it's so annoying! My friend will keep a dozen treats on her table just so her dog gets a treat everytime someone comes in. Seriously? UGH! Love my friend dearly but that dog is totally spoiled.

Where we live it is extremely expensive and for us to buy a house with a white pickett fence would cost us $600K or more. So we live in a small town house, that I do love. We are close to downtown with all its attractions, near the bay, the beach, you really can't ask for more. And good schools! But we have no space! I feel like Will's toys are taking over the house, they are literally everywhere. He insists on having his 3 bikes in the house because, yes he does ride all of them. This has to be vetoed soon! Our dining room table is too big for the now we need to find a circular one that takes up less room. I see an ikea trip in my future. Luckily we have a very spacious master bedroom but that is being taken over by baby stuff we have taken down from the attic. The boys are going to eventually share a room and Will's room is actually big enough to accomodate this but the issue of the toys comes up again. UGH! What can you do?

Lew works really long hours, we are talking 60 hours a week, sometimes more. So, Will and I left on our own quite a bit. He often comes to training sessions with me, which is fine and dandy. But there are days when he is just out of control and I need someone to watch him. Unfortunately, we live away from my family so that is not possible. Will and I often eat dinner alone. We sit on the couch to eat dinner and watch Nick Jr. I know horrible, but it's hard when your spouse works late and all you feel like doing is ploping down.

As good as Will is, he has his moments. He tests me. What kid doesn't? And I am at the point where his little outbursts, drive me CRAZY! I try and calm my nerves but sometimes they just get the best of me and I have to send him to his room so I can have a moment. Sometimes being the parent sucks! I want him to have fun but he needs to listen and that just doesn't happen sometimes.

This guy in my neighborhood who is kinda out there almost t-boned me yesterday when Will and I were leaving the neighborhood, totally freaked me out! My hands were shaking! I totally feel like this guy has it out to get me for some reason. Let's just say, my doors are always locked!

Will was at his private swim class session yesterday and he was doing amazing! I mean he definitely is a little fish. When your child is done with their class you are aloud to get in the water with them and practice their skills if no one is in the pool, which there usually isn't. I have never done only because we belong to a pool. But yesterday, this mom came to bring her daughter for her class which was right after Will's. I heard the manager at the door say you still have 15 minutes tell her class. The mom gets her daughter changed and then comes out and tells the dad that she is going to take her to the pool so she can practice BEFORE her class. I was fuming inside because I have paid for private lessons, which are EXPENSIVE and now this little girl is going to distract Will. The pool is not that big and the shallow end where Will was diving for rings is even smaller. The instructor kind of looks at the mom, like what are you doing in here but never says anything to her. She is at one side of the shallow end which is less than 10 feet from where Will is practicing. He still has 10 minutes of class at this point and I can see the instructor is totally losing his attention because he wants to play with the little girl. I am fine with Will wanting to play with friends, that is why we did group sessions before but when he wasn't learning anything because of it we switched to private. Anyway, I felt like saying something to the manager but I didn't because I was beyond annoyed and I didn't want the parents to hear me "telling" on them. When Lew got home from work yesterday I told him about it and he was ticked to say the least. The next session of swim classes are coming up and Lew said he was going to say something the next time he could take Will. Oh, well.

I plan on taking off 4 weeks after I have baby boy #2 so I have been getting my clients prepared and I started working on programs for them to do while I am unable to train. It's complete with instructions and pictures of each exercise. So I am hoping that they will use these because it has been a lot of work! I feel like I should just create an app of myself doing all the exercises so they will do them.

Bras. Yes. I am annoyed with Bras. Mine no longer fit and I had to go bra shopping which I hate to do when I am pregnant. I normally get all my "normal" bras from Victoria's Secret because they have such a wide selection. I went to the motherhood maternity store and tried on like 7 different bras and none of them felt "comfortable". I ended up getting one that felt the best and after I took it home and tried it on again, I hated it. The underwire hurts and the color is boring! But, I kept because it is bigger and it's a nursing bra so, I will use it. I ended up going to Target the other day and found one that I really like, that is a nursing bra and it is actually somewhat cute. But I tell you, wearing a bra pregnant just sucks! Hate it. Plain and simple. Where do you get your bras? Anyones that you have that are super comfortable?

Okay...enough of my ranting. Hormones suck! I can't cry over one more commercial!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

You ARE Amazing . . .

My Dear Sweet, Loving Willsey....

Soon you are going to be a big brother. When we first found out, I admit I was a bit scared having to share my love for you with another baby. But as your brother continues to grow inside of me, I find my love for both of you growing each day.

Your love for me, always amazes me. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have your love. Someone who loves me no matter what. Who kisses your boo boos, who tucks you in at night and sometimes gets to snuggle, and you even cover me up with one of your most precious blankets. You love your momma and I love you, more than air.

You talk about your brother a lot, even telling people that you are having a baby brother and you tell them his name. You sometimes will mimic that you are going to rock him just like this, you holding your arms together. Melts me each time. Everyone says that I am so lucky because you seem like you are going to be very welcoming of your little brother. And I have to admit, I think we are going to get lucky. I think you are thrilled to have another little bub to play with, to watch over and to make silly faces at.

Whenever you see a tiny baby, you often look up at me with puppy dog eyes and say, "see mommy, baby is so.....cute!" Which definitely makes me feel good that you have that response instead of another one. You love paying attention to them and are often curious when a mommy rocks, gives the baby a binki or tucks them in to their car seat. I love that you are so attentive and interested in the aspects of a baby. It definitely makes me believe that you are going to be an awesome brother.

When you were a little baby yourself, you suffered from bad acid reflux and getting you to sleep was often a procedure. Daddy and I would take turns rocking you but you preferred to be held and rocked. Daddy had a play list of songs and one night you instantly fell asleep to Seal's, Amazing. The words go..."I want you to always think you are amazing."

And you know what my sweet, Willsey? You are Amazing. And always have been. Please continue to shine and love like you do. Because you are one loving little guy.

Daddy and I love you always, more than air.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

a long week . . .

This past week has been interesting to say the least! This is my first time getting on the internet since Saturday. Why you ask? Hurricane Irene decided she was not going to be very friendly to us! She knocked down trees all over our county and wires were litereally everywhere! We did not get on power on tell late Tuesday night!

We were in complete darkness for a total of 3 days, not my idea of fun but we dealt with it. By Monday night, I had a complete and utter meltdown. Will's dvd player lost its charge, my laptop was not wanting to play any of his dvds, he had not been falling asleep tell after 10pm and I just needed a moment. Finally, I grabbed his books and told him that we could read with our flashlight for a little bit, which thankfully he was willing to do for the gazillionth time. He fell asleep. I sat crying on my bed eating M&M's. Where was Lew? Working. Definitely glad he wasn't there to see this hormonal meltdown. Finally, I got control of my hormones and started reading my own book and finally fell fast asleep after all the tears. Not fun my friends, not fun at all! Did I mention that everything in our fridge had to be throw out? Good times.

So in the last week, we have made it through an earthquake, a hurricane and raging hormones! Yippee!!!

Right now, I am feeling good. Nesting has started, which I love because I am an organizing freak. Baby boy #2 is such a mover, constantly doing flips and flops. Has not developed the hiccups on a regular basis. I think he is going to be longer than his big brother. Feels like we might have a basketball player on our hands. I can't believe in 2 months or less maybe, he will be here! This time around it has gone so fast and I am soaking it up because this might be the last one for us. Yes. We have said he will be the last one. But, you never know. I will post another belly picture soon.

Will starts school next week, and he cannot wait! A totally different experience from last year. He keeps asking me when he can go and cannot wait to meet his friends again. He has become such a big kid but to me he still has his baby-ness. He is always curious, asks lots of questions and never stops talking. A good thing and a bad thing. We are still working on the eating habits but I told myself, I can't stress about it. We met his new pediatrician and she was amazing and gave some helpful hints. Will is sleeping great through the night and actually sleeping in lately, which I love! I have been able to stay up later and read and sleep in myself. So nice because soon it won't be possible.

Went to our local Wee Sale which is a huge consignment sale that local moms get involved in. There are racks and racks of clothes. Baby items, toys, books, dvds and tons more. I was really going to see if I could find some fall play clothes for Will since he goes through them so quickly. I actually found 2 brand new Gap hoodies for him that only cost me $6! Total deal. I got a couple of long sleeve shirts for him, some sweatpants (Gap), and some jeans for about $20. I am always amazed at the deals that I come away with! I did happen to take a look at the baby boy clothes even though I know I don't need anything, I couldn't help it. They had so much which they usually don't. I got a pair of Gap carpenter jeans, with 2 long sleeve Gap onesies for $4! Did I mention those were brand new too! Then I got a couple of Gymboree outfits all for about $20. So in total I maybe spent $50 on the two boys and got so much stuff. I am always proud when I can save my family extra money on things like this. If I would have gotten this stuff at the Gap, I would have easily spent over $150. I usually go to the Gap when they have sales because I think they have the best quality clothes for boys and they are usually the cutest. But, it's gotta be a deal.

Okay, now that this post has become a total random, I think I will stop here before you all get bored. Have a great Thursday!