Monday, April 23, 2012

The 23rd . . .

To my Biggest...Willsy @ 51 months....

51 Months!  Holy cow.  I cannot believe how big you have gotten.  Sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday that you were the tiny baby in my arms.  I can still hold you in my arms but you are long!  In fact you are one of the tallest in your class at school and definitely not the oldest.  I think you must have gotten the tall gene from your paternal grandpas.  They were over 6 feet.  Last time you were at the pediatrician they thought you might grow to at least 6'3.  

You have an infectious smile and can always make me giggle, even on a bad day.  Your latest fascination with Godzilla is pretty extreme.  You act out Godzilla like noises and often imitate what Godzilla might do.  Like breathing fire and coming after Super Baby better known as Eli.  Super Baby attacks Godzilla with his buckets of drool and somehow Godzilla always wins.  That's okay though, sometimes I think you will be my little actor.  Maybe you will be the class clown?  That's okay with me as long as you get good grades.

You sing songs you have heard from your shows, Thomas, Geo Trax and you now have moved on to more that I can relate to.  Like, "Rumor Has It" which you call "Boomer Has It" and one of my favorites, "Moves like Jagger".  You also love to act out the m&m commercial with the m&m singing, "I'm sexy and I know it."  Good thing you don't know what it all means...yet.

You are becoming a bit more agreeable about trying new things when I bribe you.  And frankly, I'm okay with bribing you to try something.  Whatever works.

You are starting to warm up to worms and anything snake like, ie caterpillars.  You love to dig in the dirt, and splash in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig.  

Your counting all the way to 20.  Sometimes you get confused but you never give up.  You are getting the alphabet, and that is a huge accomplishment as you don't really like anything academic.  You are a play all the time kind of guy.  But, we are working on it.  School definitely has helped and I will admit, that Team Umizoomi is a great show with wonderful learning techniques for you.

You have become such an amazing big brother and you really do love to help mommy watch over Eli.  You are also very protective of me and it makes me feel so very loved.  Thank you Will. I love you always, more than air.

To my 6 month old Squirmy...

You definitely live up to your name.  You roll from one side of the room the next.  I have had to put pillows around furniture in the house because you kept bumping into everything!  You squirm when I change your diaper which, I thought didn't happen for a while.  You squirm out of my arms after a bottle, trying to get away.  I have a feeling you are going to be doing a lot of things like crawling and walking before your big brother.  In fact, I think you are going to be my little dare devil.  You squirm out of you Bumbo chair by leaning back, it scared Daddy the first time he saw you do it.    

You love to eat.  After a morning bottle you like to play and then I make my breakfast which I quickly learned, that you need your breakfast at that time too.  You always try and reach for my cereal bowl even when I am feeding you.  Your hands start going up in the air when you see your food coming, it is hilarious.  So far you love sweet potatoes, corn, bananas, apples, and pears which I think you might be allergic too, so we are staying away from those for a while.  I have given you nibbles of some of the foods that we have had and so far you have gobbled it up.  Tiny pieces of bread, goldfish, yogurt, and cheese.  Will has tried to share popcorn and an ice cream sandwich with you.  The popcorn one, I didn't see because I was doing dishes and your brother took it upon himself to try and share his snack.  In the end, all was okay and Willsy was being such a great big brother by sharing.

You get up on your hands to hold yourself up, I like to call it the cobra, which is a yoga move and you look like you are doing it!  We have caught you a couple of times kicking your feet and you actually moving forward.  You use your arms a lot to move yourself around the floor which you do a lot to get to your toys.

I can't believe my baby is now 6 months old, half a year!  I am amazed how well and easy you have fit into our little family.  I'm glad we had to wait a year to have you because you are so worth every tear that was shed.  I love you Eli, more than air.


Anonymous said...

Total cuties!!

Carly said...

aww... such sweet kids!

Natalie said...

Awww look at those big boys! I love that pic of them...needs to be in a frame for sure!