Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Loving and Loss

Recently my neighbor lost her father, he was 80 and perfectly healthy.  It is never easy to lose loved ones, I still think about and miss my mom everyday.  This July it will be 11 years since cancer took her away from us.  It seems like just yesterday though.

When someone close to me has lost a loved one, I feel that words can never be enough to show how much you care.  So...I bake.

I made these cupcakes in festive spring colors and turned it into a bouquet.  I found the idea here.  My neighbor loved them and was very appreciative of the thought.  I am glad that I was able to brighten her day even if it was for that single moment.

When I see this flower cupcake bouquet, I know that my mom is healthy, happy and shining down on me.  After all she is the one that taught me compassion, love and friendship.


Anonymous said...

These cupcakes are beautiful! You are so sweet to bring them to your neighbor!!

Amanda said...

Baking is such a sweet way to show your support! I usually write my own card, not store bought, because having known loss myself, I know that no words can describe what people are going through and need.

amanda said...

that is beautiful friend!!

loved getting caught glad to see how great the boys are doing!

Barbara said...

Those cupcakes are gorgeous. What an amazing way to comfort your neighbor.

Natalie said...

You really did a great job with the thoughtful of you!