Thursday, April 12, 2012

because being a sahm does have some perks

What kind of mom are you?

There are so many of us out there, either working from home or going out into the work force.  I feel like I have a pretty great gig being able to be home with my boys but still train my clients part time.  Some days, I must admit are harder than others and I wish in that moment that I was working!  So I thought I would device a list of pros and cons to being a stay at home mom.


  • You get to watch a lot of firsts
  • You get to be with your children all the time
  • No worries if your child is being well cared for at a daycare
  • You get those all important years of youth that put endless smiles on your face
  • Baking, crafting, tons of park time all at your own leisure
  • No missing out on school functions 
  • Get to meet other sahm moms at child's preschool
  • You get to be the one to help educate your little one
  • Plenty of snuggle time
  • Special moments of a movie and popcorn
  • Errand and Grocery helper always on staff
  • Always someone to talk to
  • Always someone to have just one more cookie with
  • Always someone to snuggle with, any time of the day
  • You lose your identity
  • You miss co-workers
  • You wear yoga pants way too much even though they are comfy
  • You can never have a moment of silence because you are constantly staring at baby monitor
  • You are on.  ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Dishes are constantly staring you down along with the laundry you keep piling on your bed
  • There is always an errand to run
  • You are the one that has to go to the dreaded well baby check ups with the shots
  • Since you are home, planning meals usually falls on you unless you involve a bbq
Those are just a few of the ones I was thinking of while I was doing one of my many stay at home mom items on my list the bath tub.  UGH.

What would you add to your pro and con list?


Anonymous said...

I think those pros out weight the cons.. but that said its hard to remember n the moment of one of the cons :-)

Christy said...

There are definitely many pros and cons. I love staying home NOW, but at the beginning I remember being jealous that my husband got to work. What was I thinking?

Adrienne said...

Those pros outweigh the cons, but those cons? Ugh! They can be a drag!

amanda said...

oh how i love being home :)

Natalie said...

Yep totally agree with the list...oh and that's why when I'm on vacay it's nice even though vacations aren't the same with kids...but at least you don't have to worry about stuff you need to do around the house b/c you're not there. If you're home, you are always thinking what can I do productive! But I love being a SAHM with my little guy!